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SUIDAE SHAMAN is a powerful Monster with powerful abilities that can attack the target with Magic Attacks. With her abilities, she can attack the target very ruthlessly and cause the enemies to take very serious damage. Suidae Shaman is such a powerful Monster that it can destroy even the strongest opponent in one hit. Because Suidae Shaman has the Recharge Ability, she attacks every other round but does 3x damage to the target. Also, when upgraded to level 4, Suidae Shaman gains the Giant Killer Ability, does double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana. Indeed, the attacks of the 4th level Suidae Shaman will be very brutal, and the number of monsters that can survive her attack is very few. Suidae Shaman is a powerful that can be very effective in battles and can be much more effective when used with good strategy. I think she's one of those monsters that any team could need.


The suidae are a race of boar-like humanoids that worship the gods of nature, praying to totems and statues erected in the image of their deities. Their shamans possess an innate ability to draw upon the elemental mana of earth and often serve as tribal leaders. They adorn themselves with the bones of creatures of tremendous strength and power, fashioning them into jewelry and armor through which they can channel their magic. These artifacts are passed from generation to generation, their power never fading.



SUIDAE SHAMAN has the Recharge Ability at level 1, the Giant Killer Ability at level 4 and the Rust Ability at level 8.

  • Recharge Ability : This Monster attacks every other round but does 3x damage.
  • Giant Killer Ability : Does double damage against targets that cost 10 or more mana.
  • Rust Ability : Reduces the Armor of all enemy Monsters.

Indeed, these abilities are very powerful abilities and abilities that can be very effective in battles. And I would like to say that they can be much more effective when used with a good strategy.

Suidae Shaman is a Rare Monster in the Earth Unit that belongs to the Riftwatchers edition. Suidae Shaman costs 8 mana and has 2 Magic Attacks, 2 speed, and 6 health at level 1. As the level of the card is upgrated, its stats also increase. You can check it from the table above. I usually use Suidae Shaman with Delwyn Dragonscale and OBSIDIAN Summoners because thanks to them Suidae Shaman is able to attack the target more powerfully and much more brutally. Delwyn Dragonscale and OBSIDIAN give +1 Magic Attack to all friendly Magic Attack Monsters.

Currently my SUIDAE SHAMAN NFT card is at level 2 and I would love to upgrade it to level 4 soon because when I upgrade this card to level 4 it gains the Giant Killer Ability and this way, it will be more effective in some battles and can more easily destroy powerful targets that cost 10 or more mana. And I would love to upgrade it to level 8 in the future. Frankly, Suidae Shaman is a powerful monster that can help me a lot in winning tough battles.


A RARE NFT Card, the SUIDAE SHAMAN NFT Card is currently starting at $0.25 on the market. The Gold SUIDAE SHAMAN NFT Card is currently starting at $3.73 on the market. In addition, it is possible to rent the Regular one for about 0.10 DEC and the Gold one for about 0.44 DEC per day. These prices are valid for level 1 (The gold one starts from level 2), prices may increase as the level rises. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) is currently trading at $0.0006792.


Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Up to Eleven
Taking Sides
Mana Cap 34

  • Up to Eleven rule means all Monsters have the Amplify ability.
  • Taking Sides rule means Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.

Amplify Ability : Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1.

My Strategy

Before starting the battle, I reviewed the last 5 battles of the opposing player and they had some pretty powerful cards. In this battle, according to the battle ruleset, we would only be able to use the Monsters in the Earth Unit. I could guess that the opposing player would prefer the Scarred Llama Mage Summoner in this battle. Honestly, I like to use Sneak Monsters against Scarred Llama Mage, but due to the fact that there are not enough Sneak Monsters in the Earth Unit and Neutral Monsters will not be used in this battle, I had to set up a different strategy.

I knew I would be fighting Scarred Llama Mage and Kron the Undying in this battle so this battle would be very tough but I thought Suidae Shaman could help me win this battle so I added her to my team without hesitation.

I also had to play a strong defense in my team's front line. First, I put Hill Giant in first position, which only costs 3 mana and has 7 health. In the second position, I put Unicorn Mustang with the Void Ability. Monsters with the Void Ability are able to defend strongly against Magic Attacks as they reduce the damage from magic attacks. Also, Unicorn Mustang was not supposed to be destroyed, so I added Goblin Psychic with the Tank Heal Ability to my team and put her in fifth position. Frankly, the monsters I added to the third and fourth positions on my team were just to stall the opposing team just in case.

I put Suidae Shaman in the last position in my team and she had a big task in this battle. I believed that the Suidae Shaman could destroy the target with powerful attacks. And she was supposed to be destroyed so I put her in the last position. I also chose OBSIDIAN as the Summoner in this battle so that Suidae Shaman can attack the target more powerful and more brutally. OBSIDIAN gives +1 Magic Attack to all friendly Magic Attack Monsters. Thanks to OBSIDIAN, Magic Attack Monsters can attack more powerfully.

  • Void Ability : Reduced damage from Magic attacks.
  • Tank Heal Ability : Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round.

Battle Comments

Round 1


Frankly, in this battle, the opposing team had a very close line-up to my predictions. The first round didn't go well for my team because Suidae Shaman hadn't started the attacks yet. In short, the first round was a bit uninspiring.

Round 2


The second round was very exciting for me because there was the attack of Suidae Shaman in this round and I was anxiously awaiting her line.


Suidae Shaman attacked the target very ruthlessly and destroyed the target monster in one hit. This attack was truly brutal.

Round 3


Frankly, the battle was proceeding exactly as I wanted it to. I was eagerly waiting for Kron the Undying to be the last monster on the opposing team, then the result of the battle would be known.

Round 4



Near the end of round 4, Kron the Undying was the last monster left on the opposing team, but there would be no other attack from Suidae Shaman in this round.

Round 5


There would be no attack from Suidae Shaman in the 5th round. So I was looking forward to the next round.

Round 6


In the 6th round, Suidae Shaman was ready to attack.


In round 6, Suidae Shaman very brutally attacked Kron the Undying causing Kron the Undying to take 9 damage, then Goblin Psychic attacked and Kron the Undying was destroyed. Honestly, it's not easy to destroy Kron the Undying when the last monster is left, but thanks to Suidae Shaman, it was pretty easy.

Also, if my SUIDAE SHAMAN card was level 4, she would be able to deal 18 damage to Kron the Undying in a one hit, which would be really cruel. That's why I would love to upgrade my SUIDAE SHAMAN card.

Battle Results


The battle lasted 6 rounds and it was a pleasure to win this very hard battle against Scarred Llama Mage and Kron the Undying. My strategy worked pretty well in this battle. Honestly, all the monsters on my team were great in this battle. I recommend you to watch this wonderful and challenging battle from the video or the battle link.

My opinion

SUIDAE SHAMAN is a very powerful Monster with really powerful abilities and can be very effective in battles. And I can say that she is much more effective when used with a good strategy. And when I upgrade my SUIDAE SHAMAN NFT Card to level 4, it will be much more effective in battles like above. So I plan to upgrade my card to level 4 as soon as possible. Level 4 SUIDAE SHAMAN deals 6x damage to monsters that cost 10 or more mana, it's a really so brutal attack. But I would like to point out that no matter how powerful the card is, it is much more important that I use them with good strategies to get the most out of it. This also gives my team an edge in battles.

What are your thoughts on the battle and SUIDAE SHAMAN? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

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