I'm Advancing Early to the Gold League This Season. And Focus Chest | Splinterlans

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The release of new reward cards has increased the excitement in Splinterlands. I think my deck is not enough for the gold league so normally I would advance to the gold league after the middle of the season but I decided to advance to the gold league early current season to get better and more reward cards. To win more in gold league I have to beat level 6 summoners with my level 3 summoners, my deck is insufficient for gold league but I trust my strategies. I believe I will win many battles with powerful strategies.

Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Explosive Weaponry
Mana Cap 38

  • Explosive Weaponry rule means all Monsters have the Blast ability.

Blast Ability : Does additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster.

As I predicted, when I advanced to the gold league, a level 6 summoner was waiting for me, luckily I had the VENATOR KINJO card, which was very useful to my team in Blast battles. It is difficult to fight powerful teams, but it is not so difficult to beat them with powerful strategies. And I've made a good start and I hope it stays that way.



What are your thoughts on the battle? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link


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I see you advanced to the Gold league earlier, I did the same since I had about 3 days without battling from the beginning of the season.
Great win there buddy!

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