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Monsters with the Blast Ability do additional damage to Monsters adjacent to the target Monster. That's why I love this ability so much and don't hesitate to use it in battles whenever I have the opportunity.

There are 35 Cards in Splinterlands that have the Blast Ability, one of which is a Summoner Card. My favorite among cards with Blast Ability is Chaos Dragon. Because Chaos Dragon also has the Scattershot Ability, which allows it to canuse the Blast Ability more effectively in battles.

Monsters with the Scattershot Ability attack hit a random enemy target. Attacking a random target can be frustrating at times, but most of the time it can work very well.


Chaos Dragon is a Dragon that can attack the target with Magic Attacks and has the Flying Ability and the Scattershot Ability at level 1, the Blast Ability at level 2 and the Blind Ability at level 3.

  • Flying Ability : Has a 25% bonus chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Units who do not have the Flying ability.
  • Scattershot Ability : Ranged and Magic attacks hit a random enemy target.
  • Blast Ability : Does half damage (rounded up) to Units adjacent to the target Unit.
  • Blind Ability : All enemy Melee & Ranged attacks have a 15% higher chance of missing their target.

Chaos Dragon is a Legendary Card in the Dragon Unit and belonging to the Chaos Legion edition. It costs 14 mana. Although Chaos Dragon is very effective in battles, it is not advantageous to use it in low-mana battles since it costs 14 mana. I generally use Chaos Dragon in battles over 45 mana.

I love Blast Ability so much that I used 3 cards with Blast Ability together in my battle below. I hope you like it.


Battle Link

Battle Ruleset

  • Fog of War: Monsters lose the Sneak, Snipe and Opportunity abilities.
  • Are You Not Entertained?: One additional Gladiator card may be used in battles.

Before starting the battle, when I reviewed the opponent player's recent battles, I saw that the opposing player had very powerful cards and I knew that I would be fighting against a level 6 Summoner in this battle. I needed better strategy to win the battle.

I believed that I could win this battle with Magic Attack Monsters, so I used them in this battle and also added 3 cards with Blast Ability to my team. I believed that Blast Ability could greatly help me win this battle.

Flagulon Reine and Riverboat Captain are also monsters that can be effective in battles, but I think that among the cards with Blast Ability, Chaos Dragon is much more effective in battles. Chaos Dragon did not mislead me in this battle either and it really did a great job. The possibility of Chaos Dragon damaging 3 enemies with a one hit has always excited me, so I never hesitate to add Chaos Dragon to my team. I recommend you to watch this amazing and very interesting battle from the Battle Link, I hope you like it.


I am very pleased with my rewards today. I got 2 summoner cards and the Gold Foil SORRIEL THE BALLET card from the chests.

What are your thoughts on the battle? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

Thank you for reading.

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That is cheating, you cheated on your opponent! 🤣