Battle Mage Secrets- Odd Ones Out



Hi guys,

We are 4 days into the end of the season. How are the season chests racking up? Well, hopefully, I can get more before the season ends as well.

This is an entry to the weekly battle mage secrets contest. I’ll be about a battle so let’s get into it.

For this battle, I used my account @rubilu.

Battle Ruleset

Ruleset IconDescription
image.pngOdd Ones Out : Only monsters with odd Mana Costs may be used in battles.

With this Ruleset, you are not allowed to have monsters in your lineup that have even mana cost. This includes zero mana cards. Zero mana cards are considered even as well so it’s out. But then you are allowed to use summoners that are even mana.

I’ve worked with obsidian for a long time so I change things once in a while so I can surprise my opponents. Plus with the even mana cards out of the equation, it only meant I couldn’t use my favourite earth cards as well.

My line up


My opponents line up



Franz Ruffmane. This summoner is becoming one of my favourite summoners simply cause I get to use Captain Katie. It gives me the chance to use one additional gladiator card in my lineup up and boy, who can relish the chance of using Captain Katie when you have it lol. With this summoner, all my cards are given a +2 shield to their stats as well. The Franz Ruffmane summoner is a life summoner with a 6-mana cost.

1st position

Captain Katie. With a mana cap for a battle that was as low as 18 choosing captain Katie with another powerful card would have been impossible for me. So I decided to put Katie as my first position card with the hope that my opponent would bring cards with low health.


Captain Katie is a magic card with 7 mana, 3 magic, 2 speed and 6 health. Its special feature is that it has the blood lust feature. Meaning as it kills an enemy card its stats increase. If you didn’t know Captain Katie is one of my Favorite Gladius cards.

Round 1

My opponent used the Thaddius Brood summoner which subtracts -1 health and -1 magic from all his enemy cards. With a stunner card that had the most speed, I attacked his first position card first. One nice thing about runeslinger(stunner card) is that when it stuns an enemy card the card misses out on its attack for that round. After I stunned his first card, his life saver card with a magic of 1 attacked my captain Katie next and did minimal damage.


Since his disintegrator was stunned Captain Katie attacked it next. His uraes card attacked my stnnner next but with just 2 melee it didn’t reduce its health by much.

In this round, none of our cards died

Round 2

In this round, his disintegrator was stunned as well. With a successful stun, it looked like I was going to vanquish his first card rather easily. His life saver as usual took its turn to attack Katie with Katie taking revenge on his stunned disintegrator. His uraes reached out to attack my stunner once more for the round.


Before the end of the round, his disintegrator was unstunned and it took the chance to attack my Katie card and successfully cleared its shield.

None of our cards died in this round as well.

Round 3

Runeslinger managed to stun his disintegrator in this round as well. With this stun, I knew my captain Katie was gonna vanquish it with its next attack but before that, his lifesaver attacked captain Katie almost vanquishing it. It took this time to attack his stunned disintegrator and kill it off, increasing its stats in the process.


His uraes card came into first position but before it could even attack Captain Katie had its shield back so the attack didn’t affect my health.

In this round, I killed his disintegrator card and he killed none of mine.

Round 4

It was a normal routine for runeslinger as it managed to stun his uraeus card which was now in first position. His life saver which happens to be a life leech card in the heat of time attacked Katie and while it was not attacked in all of the round its life kept on increasing.


Katie attacked next and with one attack it killed my opponents uraes card. His lifesaver card came into the first position now.

In this round, I killed his uraeus card and he killed none of mine.

Round 5 -6

As soon as his lifesaver card came in it first position Captain Katie attacked it. It was as if it was waiting for it to get into first position so it can pay it back for all the back attacks it handed it.


After Katie’s attack, rune slinger attacked as well. It almost killed it but it gathered was fortunate.

But Katie didn’t spare it in round 6 as it had just one life remaining. With a magic attack, Katie vanquished it.

This was a low mana cap game and a mistake in the lineup would have caused me the game. If I had made the same mistake of putting the stunner card first am sure I would have lost since it wouldn’t have attacked in the first place.


It was six rounds of dominance for me and well runeslinger did a great job.

This is my battle link

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