Splinterland's : How crazy rentals can be ?


Splinterland's : How crazy rentals can be ?

I never observed this much crazines on the rentals of the cards that I just observed in the rentals of Life Summoner General Sloan. In a day , rental almost jumped to 10x in the rental value.

I do not know how high the rentals of General Sloan went but I am able to rent my few of them at 10.5 DEC but now the rental price are down to less to 5.6 DEC per day and I guess it might go down more.

Anyways , I today cancelled lot of rentals thinking of that they might spike at end of the season though chances of happening this is really slim this time but I am still taking chance in "worst hit " rental market.

Rewards for account saachi

I opened 7 Gold chest for below rewards.


Rewards for account r1s2g3

I opened 11 Gold chest for below rewards.


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