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For me lately this game has been all about money and the joy of the game been less and less.
I am one who DO combine my cards and do work on lvl upp but new never ending changes makes everything harder and crappy rewards for hard work. I always been one who doesn't like bots... But I do get why People choose bots these days ... If you want a life outside the game you can't play 24 hours a day.

For me... I Will play with what cards I have but are done with buying new packs of cards that are coming.

I am one who been supporting new members with cards and such, and seing how they struggling with getting over bronze when they been in gold or silver before,and get no rewards, this might get People to give up and leave... Already had a few guild members who left.

I love to hate this game but as I am not one who can have multiple accounts and have the time, and why should I?
I have 2 and that is more than enogh for me. And I think if you want to combine and lvl up... Do it.
I sure do.

If it hadn't been for my guild and friends... I probably Wouldn't be here now.
I miss old times and I feel for new players.

For me Who do all in the game and only buy with decs and sps, wish the rewards were better.
Last 2 seasons been worst and I hope sps value goes up.

Anyhooo... I am here and Will see how this plays out, but will not participate in all new cards and packs like before.

One who been here since 2018 and always loved this game and the idea of it all, many good changes but last year I been struggling with... Do I Stay or leave? I still am there today...

Hope to get the passion back, and to see People (new and old) being happy over hard work again when they get rewards.