A type of Visual hack we may face in splinterlands game


Hi splinterlands players,do not worry about splinterlands game by reading the title of the post.this post is all about how to be secure and knowing a type of hacking that i have faced and i would like to make you all known about this type of visual hacking we may face in splinterlands game.

can two players have same/common username in splinterlands game?

We all know that everyone has specific and unique username for their splinterlands account.no two players have same username.this is the basic and unique thing in the game.

but yes people can impersonate others in game.

Few days back at the EOS,when i put a message in rental channel asking to rent cards.then i got a message from icyflow(hacker with discord username)
That he can rent cards to me. i asked him to prove that you are the true owner of the account icyflow.i asked him to send pics that u are controlling icyflow account and u know guys he sent the below pics with splinterlands username as "icyflow".



in the above pics, can see username is "icyflow" but he is not the true and real "icyflow" and he asked me to send dec to pangkape18 account.this tells us that he is a hacker.

I checked "icyflow" in my account and the real and true "icyflow" is -



By this,we can understand that how the hacker can impersonate others with this hacking method by having same username.

So we have to always check whether he is in a guild or not and his battle history and the best is to have a middleman for any rent.

I reported about this in tech channel and talked with @blog-beginner and he explained about this and i reported even in spam and scam channel.after knowing this he left the group.

I lost 2k dec by this hacking method and i learnt a lesson. i request you too be aware of this type of hacking method if you don't know and be safe.

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