My brief story about my presale purchase & my season rewards


Hi splinterlands(steemmonsters) players,after a very very long time i am posting about splinterlands.

I think everyone has participated in chaos legion presale purchase and purchased many packs that are going to unveil on 8th dec.everyone is waiting for doctor blight card and me too.

My presale purchase

I staked sps and got 2 vouchers from it & remaining 13 vouchers i bought by selling my DEC.i participated in pool purchase of @cardauctionzcom1 which was initiated by @marcuswahl and purchased few packs(18 packs).its a 20% discount purchase that no one has giving that discount for a little of 5 card purchase and got CAAD tokens along with packs.our pool finally got 5th place in chaos legion presale purchase and marcus auctioned the designing of summoner card and now it is going on u can see in his blog.

Everyone battling without any rest not in life only but in splinterlands too

I can see many new players are joining and renting cards pushing their rating higher and higher.

When we reach near to end of season the number of battles will increase,the price of rent cards also increases simultaneously.

I reached "GOLD 2" in this season and got 26 cards as season rewards and i opened the loot chests and git these rewards



The best card that i got for this season is - GOLD "PELACOR BANDIT"

I hope you got some nice cards and new season started and the new players what's next?


Thanks for reading,
Yours @salomijale