Splinterlands Journal: Mid-Season Disappointment

I had fallen into Bronze last season after having made it into Gold two seasons prior. This did not worry me, as I had gone from Novice to Silver in mere hours during my first season. Since, I have done considerable research, analysis, and investing. I was sure that this would result in even better results.

My season started off with a promising win streak. However, the ensuing double-digit losing streak would erased those gains, along with my optimism for a quick ascension for the season. For all of my effort and experience, I seem to be LESS effective that I had been when I just started. After dozens of games played, I am still where I started in Bronze II.

One may assume this is disappointing because I enjoy winning more than losing. This is definitely part of it. Who doesn't enjoy winning? My disappointment is deepened due to Splinterlands being my primary pursuit for the better part of two months. Pouring so much of my time and energy into a project that has yielded such lackluster results has been deflating...

What have I learned? I do quite well with blue cards with a total mana over 20 and green cards with mana in the upper teens. My collection gives me very good match coverage for the number of cards, but it has enough gaps to render leveling difficult.

I have some DEC to spend this season. I will prioritize low cost green, blue, and red cards. Those are the most common areas where I fall short. I have virtually no white or blacks cards but it is uncommon for me to resort to those colors. My intuition is that low mana cards should be cheaper, so I hope I can boost my collection on what little I have to invest.


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