Increased my collection power with buying more rare cards ||


The popularity of splinterland is taking the gaming a new level on the blockchain .People were talking about Axie Infinity , Alien world but More people were talking about Splinterland cards game in my society .
My one of colleague spent $120.00 Gas fee to buy 3 Axie to start the game called Axie Infinity on ethereum blockchain .I simply showed him my wallet where i everyday earn 500 DEC by just playing the game for 6 months And surprisingly i just invested $10.00 to buy Spell book .
My colleague was just stunned for net 10 seconds and so excitedly asked me how i am earning that much .
Here i explained him in very basic way because he was just investing around $1000 to buy 3 Axies and the earning from game was not so quick there .
I showed to him how i bought DEC early in this year when the DEC was very cheap and i kept hold in my wallet .I started playing splinterland almost 6 months ago and it made me so addicted and entertaining ,i could not resist myself for buying new some rare cards .
I bought recently more than 10 Rare cards by spending 6500 DEC from market and i am proudly saying that it helped me battle more efficiently .Either i choose death monsters or earth monsters ,everywhere these cards increased my wining and earning potential .
Here are few picture of the card in my list which i bought recently.


A peculiar new bud appeared at the tips of the highest branches of the Elder Tree. The animals living in the tree watched as the strange buds grew, and in a matter of days, burst open. From each bud zoomed forth a tiny sprite. These Wood Nymphs quickly scattered around Anumün in a frenzy of mischief.


Wood Nymph is one of my favourite monster which always contribute to win the battle with her great ability of magic attack. I bought it today level 2 at the price $5.00 approx .


Banished from Below 2 of 5 - Outside the boundaries of the core engine, there is an open space of densely concentrated power. This is known as the Power Depths. Several types of creatures live here, including the mole-like scavo people and the antoids. These races use the Planet’s natural internal power to live luxurious lives safely within the Planet’s cocoon, and few among them are even aware of life on the Planet’s surface.
Beyond the Power Depths is an even larger area known as the Strite. Among Splintral experts that know of its existence, the Strite is often referred to as the Dream Splinter. Laws of physics do not always hold true in this realm of dreams, where the power of the Planet can create illusions and impossible-to-describe wonders. Beyond the Dream Splinter and one step closer to the Planet’s surface is the Underworld. Almost all Splinterlands experience with the underground comes from their dealings with those from the Underworld, which can be easily accessed through certain caves throughout the Splinterlands. Many parts of the caves beneath Molten Mountain lead to the Underworld, as do openings on the surface of the Raysco Mountains of Mortis. The most famous of these openings is the mouth of Monster Mountain and its Dread Hall, wide enough for a marching army in formation.

I bought this card from the market at around $11.00 with level 3 . Venari Seedsmith is some act like Ant miner which health increase in numbers and also can attack to enemy at any positioin .


For as long as anyone remembers, the fire mountain of Bren-Ha has spewed nothing but smoke and lava. Lately from its cracks, a small Creeping Ooze has been seeping. It cannot be stopped, and it absorbs anything in its creeping path. To make things worse, it managed to board a boat and escape Mortis.

This is basically having Manna cost that is just 1 but its very helpful card for battle .Creeping OOze helps the summoners to lock enemy team monsters .


Several Lyverian farmers reported seeing a strange blue light rushing down from the sky one evening and landing with a crash in the fields. Later that evening, a strange metal-skinned device calling itself Rusty Android was making friends with the locals in the tavern.

This Rusty Android always do the reverse attack and help the team to win so quickly.

I still own many other cards but this post is getting bigger so i will discuss in my next post.

So overall ,My collection of card increased my power in the game which also help me to earn the airdrop of SPS . My Colleague can now have strong faith on splinterland where earning is potentially available in the every corner . either you love SPT token or DEC token or SPS all are the part of the ecosystem .
Hope you enjoyed reading my post about splinterland . Your like is highly

Referenced: Splinterland .app


In my country we have a different woodnymph card with the same ability, stats and power!



Haha...That pretty awesome.