Splinterland is unbeatable and leading blockchain NFT card game .


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I ranked bronze 1 recently after long battle in the Splinterland .I have
6.5 k DEC ,12k SPT and 81 SPS and i am having daily airdrop around 1.56 SPS . What else you need in just investing $10.00 as i bought Spell Book .
I am qualified to get 7 quest at the end of the season .My earning of Battle is almost 1DEC per battle.
Why I am writing all these my achievement here because i think Splinterland is something unique and leading the card game where playing is not such difficult and annoying .
Simply download the splinterland app and buy $10.00 spell book and start playing and earning DEC and Credit.

I wanted today to check the other blockchain game and i found Lot of good things where you become fan of splinterland .

Axie Infinity : I searched Axie Infinity game in google and i found the guidelines about how to play.
I must be telling all that if you are not financially well to invest atleast $800 USD to atleast own 3 Axies to start playing after paying gas fee that is extra 100 dollars ,should not waste your time for Axie Infinity.
Axie infinity is now popular and trending but investing $800 look little too much for the players from third world countries.Splinterland is far better than Ethereum blockchain gaming as it has many features and mechanism which has developed so far.You don't mind to pay transaction zero fee to play splinterland instead paying much dollars for gas fees .

Binemon : Is the NFT Gaming platform on binance smart chain which is getting popular but if deeply you researched about then you will definitely endorse Splinterland because Binemon has nothing new concept for structure the game but same thing as splinterland by just changing the element name and there internal coin called DRK which is less valueable than Dark Energy Crystal DEC . you need to own atleast 5 binemon character to begin the battle and you need to pay around 8000 DRK .

DeapCoin : Deapcoin is emerging as NFT gaming but problem is its still in initial stage and earning

Deap coin is still stressing because you need to fight with Job Tribes and lucky farmers in each gaming section.

Splinterland is awesome and best .Investing $10.00 spellbook is not a big deal in compare of Axies Infinity , Binemon and Deapcoin .
DEC is recently is on the moon and if you like to earn free income then must be joined spliterland instead going somewhere in different blockchain gaming .

The Hive ecosystem is growing and splinterland provides its 30 % new users . I don't think to go somewhere else for playing the battles as they all have copy paste game technology i mean they just develop game on the base of splinterland with changed the name of the features.
My colleagues always get inspired from me .They love to follow my activity because i use my time to learn, tech and invest .

I am so far doing well in splinterland where i simply stake my earning and this way i am supporting the economy of the game .

Consistent playing the game for sure one day you will be getting freedom from all financial problems.