This is why LeoFinance's Chain Chatter is such an Epic Meetup for Us.

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Hey everybody, I attended the recent chain chatter by leoFinance and it was amazing. The number o new thoughts which came into my mind, diversifying my mindset regarding investments, new projects, and risks like everything was very informative and was glad to hear those. You must have heard, you should listen more than you speak because the things you will speak are already known to you but the things you will listen to, there are most chances that you won't be aware of that.

Sadly, I was not able to ship out the parts I feel were good from the chain chatter but I found the main area of my interest to share with you all posted by Khal, the Founder of Leofinance in his blog post.

\ _Video by Khaleelkazi_

Here I will be giving my opinions on the words of the founder of Splinterland (Matt Rosen) and SPK network/3Speak.

"Censorship resistance in the digital layers is going to be highly valuable, not financial advice" - theycallmedan (3Speak)

I completely agree with this because cryptocurrency as a whole should be defining this. We need to take the power of our things from higher authorities and have to be decentralized. Bitcoin was used to create decentralised "money" but the technology of bitcoin "blockchain" cannot just do that. It has millions of times bigger potential than this just like we can see in HIVE. Once something is added to the blockchain, it is impossible to revert that thing or to remove it, and also that would be publicly available just like when you do a post on hive then you post on a blockchain and whatever you say, your content, in the end, cannot be removed by anyone except you. You can also remove it if you post something and there has been no upvote or something like that, once someone upvotes it or reblogs it then even you cannot do anything about it.

Here comes the favorite relation ever and that is by theycallmedan: Stock market is a "doggy dog" world

Man, I have nothing to say on this but here is the definition by google about what the phrase "doggy dog world" means...

The meaning of the real idiom is “it's ruthlessly competitive out there so you've got to fight to get yours.”
Source: Google

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3Speak was a Passion.

Dan shared a little story here regarding how when he was 3-4, he was very fond of puzzles and used to solve them a lot and was able to bear teenagers at that age, this is very good.
When you code for a platform/project/game, there are going to be 100s or 1000s of complications coming along that we need to solve or get rid of in someway, and this is just like a puzzle, you need to find a solution that's it. Although that solution finding becomes god damn hard sometimes during code that if you find doing that fun then you are on a right at to building your project.

What 3speak is today, is good but as the hive grows and more people start joining then it will be "great". Als by the next bull phase we will surely be seeing many people joining into hiVE space and therefore into 3speak and by that time, there will also be good, major updates for the app ultimately, making it better.


BTC savings, other investment.

This is by Matt Rosen, the founder of Splinterlands. I am amazed by his simplicity even after getting this much success in his project, that is appreciable Matt if you're reading this!
Back to the topic, per him, he considers Bitcoin as savings when he put his money there because Bitcoin is forever there although there will be ups and downs ultimately it will rise.
Putting money into other coins, he takes it as an investment and from there he expects a high return in the future. Remember, this isn't financial advice.

Here he shared criteria for his investment which I found great and if you want to invest somewhere then this thought must be in your mind for good. Here it goes...

If there is a real product or service, and people are not expecting a financial return and there is a token that can capture that value, that's where I will go
What do you think of this? Personally, it is "amazing" although if you apply it to HIVE then there are many people re just post for money, therefore, a financial return and again we do not want that type of people in our space. Even if I post because I want some upvotes but that is like 1% of the reason I post but the rest 99% is the friendly people here and my love for blockchain, therefore, crypto currencies.

Since I joined HIVE, I have been introduced to many people and communities, therefore, connecting me to 100s of new people which in itself is a great experience. Recently I have been posting about the World cup 2022 a lot and I have been getting very less upvotes on it but I still do that because I enjoy it!
Again, not expecting much of a financial return there.


Thanks for going through the post and I hope you must have attained value from it and also, later on, enjoyed it, I am glad if you did. Rest, this all is not financial advice but rather my thoughts being shared here and also just for entertainment purposes. Keep having fun and remember the world cup, LeoFinance is also an official sponsor of the Hivebuzz world cup contest therefore, keep supporting them and the community. Have an amazing rest of your day!

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