Bitcoin Outperforms Stock and Gold third year in a row: What Next in 5 years?

At this intense technology evolution age everyone looking opportunity where they can make asset and multiply there capitals.
Few were lucky this decade, but what will happen in ext decade from taking journey towards investment or somebody is a beginner now.

What to Choose for Investment

The question is always curious and each person would like to know the answer in depth . How he can plan it's investment so he can earn passive income as much as he can and become financial free as soon as possible.


What this mean is there is a time where you can earn much more when which sector trend is going on as its all about cycle which rotates the money from one pool to another pool. we have to be curious to learn it and to play with that. If you invest blindly on any sector without the awarness which sector is in trend you may have to wait may be for a decade to get your return at appropriate (%)

Oppurtunity to Invest

Here are some oppurtunity out of which you can select

1. Cryptocurrency

2. Stock

3. Gold

4. Debt funds

5. Mutual funds

6. Real estate

7. Metaverse

8. NFT

9. Saving Bank Account

10. Staking stable coins

11. Lending to firms

12. Start-ups

13. Agriculture

14. Commodities

15. Precious metals

Last 3 years Crypto Performed as best asset class

Compare to stocks and gold and I guess it is believe it is a digital gold which leading this space the one and only one THE #BITCOIN.

several countries economy are getting thread with this decentralized system layer which is revolutionary on internet and evryone wants to take control from a decade or tried to control this system and failed several times after fighting this edge technology.


Some economist believe still it is a bubble which will blast like in 1990's it happens a kind of accident in markets.

Believe or Disbelieve

Crypto ndustry is growing drastically exponentially day by day , hour-to-hour and no one able to stop it thats what I believe.

My Personal choice to invest

Invest in Crypto take a risk little it may try your patience but next decade is for this evolutionary technology and you wont be regret.


In pandemic playtoearn given oppurtunity like #splinerlands kind of dapps

Exchange where you can buy it

Highest Volume exchanges

Open account and keep an eye on BTC Chart

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