Dear Gamers and Splinterlands family,

Today was highly excited day and unforgettable as record sale observed in the card packs with in mater of few minutes to an first hour million pack sold out and later the rally continues and went beyond expectation.


The data clear suggests the story, how people are addicted to play this game and growing continously with time as more as more popular the hive blockchain and number of dapps on hive blockchain.

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Splinterlands is the top dapp on hive blockchain followed by Leo.Finance and dcity and few others and the list now increasing as more number of dapps are building which are having there reputation in the market. One of the next game people are waiting is Ragnarok and its token will be given as free as well as NFT to those people who are holding hive power and snapshot will be taken each month those who hold Hive Power depend upon that token will be distributed to there account.


More tan 6 million packs sold out and I am eligible for airdrop as I bouht 7 packs in an account as refer reward.


Till now 3 cards are airdroped out of 14 airdroped as 3 millin packs sold out in total as collective PHASE-I + Phase-II.
Phase-III as General sale started today where you get a pack of 4$ and if you like to get bonus packs you need to have precious vouchers as those you can buy either from hive-engine or by staking SPS native token.


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From the starless void beneath and from before creation lives the dweller in the void. By Silus' will was it given form and through the tearing of the veil were the hands of chaos laid upon the world. Though the Crypteia are the heralds of Chaos, only I am the right hand of doom. By the well of power am I given strength. Through me the shadow of the void is cast and by the will of Uul the word of Silus is given voice. Hear me and tremble. Approach and embrace oblivion.”

-- Doctor Blight, The Children of Doom

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Their ship drifted through the calm seas, its main mast having been decimated by the last volley from the Portal Spinners that lined the enemy frigate. Captain Johan lifted the eyeglass and scanned about them.

“Damn it, they’re going to surround us,” he cursed, still peering through the brass monocular, a gift from his wife before he left.

“Then we’re done for,” the first mate replied. “If we still had the sail we might ‘ave out run ‘em,” he sighed, “should I tell the men to get ready to repel boarders?”

“Aye, for what it’s worth,” the captain forced his eyeglass closed and pushed it into his jacket pocket.

“Reef ahead!” the barrelman called from the crow’s nest.

Johan rushed to the bow and leaned over the rail. It was no reef, that was for sure. The water darkened and churned, the ship rocking from side to side as something passed beneath them, catching their keel as it went. He sprinted to the stern, closely followed by his first mate, and they were just in time to see the sea waters explode as a monster breached the surface.

“By the Gods,” the first mate traced a symbol in the air. “It’s a Baleenvast!”

As the behemoth reached the pinnacle of its jump, a barrage of magic was flung from the pursuing enemy ships, striking its vast body with seemingly no effect. When the beast crashed back down into the sea it caused a huge wave that rolled towards the enemy fleet, knocking many off course and even sinking a few of them. Johan felt his own ship spurred on by the forced current, pushing it away from their pursuers and towards the safety of the shoreline where the enemy’s larger frigates couldn’t follow.

A voice then spoke in his head and it was almost as though the ocean itself were calling to him. It was a strange song that played a haunting melody, filling Johan with a sudden tranquillity. They were words he’d never heard before, each one resonating for so long that he thought they might never end. And while the song played out, he felt safely cocooned from all dangers in the world and nothing could ever threaten him again.

“We’re saved,” Johan whispered in awe, looking back at the turmoil the Baleenvast had caused in their wake.

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Uriel could still feel the rage eating at his insides, the pompous words of the Khymerian leaders playing over in his head, like a hideous echo of resentment prodding his mind to distraction. So much so, that he failed to notice the procession of temple priests coming towards him along the road.

“Ahh, a fellow traveller. So fortuitous for us to meet you, and on such a golden day where the sun blesses our journey,” the leading priest called.

Uriel glared at him and muttered something under his breath. The priest titled his head, trying to comprehend his reply but in actual fact it was nothing more than an irritated series of grunts.

“Maybe you would like to join us? It just so happens that it’s almost time to break our fast, and my brothers carry a fine selection of cold meats and fresh fruits,” the priest continued trying to coax a reply from him.

Uriel wasn’t ready for such conversation, not so soon after having been exiled. He’d rather the priests had charged at him, wielding their godly staves and rods so that he might strike them down and ease some of the fury that coalesced in his belly. In its place he settled for some words of warning instead.

“How about you move from the path and I’ll be on my way,” he proffered.

The priest looked to the side of the narrow track, his gaze hovering over the wet mud, a dark frown furrowing his brow. “Errr, the passage of truth never falters or leaves the path. If you’ll not join us, then you must step to the side and let our holy procession pass.”

He looked at the deep ruts of muck and filth, a smile touching his lips. “How about you step aside and let me pass, for I’m on a mission of the utmost importance and it cannot be delayed for you.”

The priest returned a benevolent smile and opened his arms in proclamation. “The light of the pure never waivers and follows its own way, you should move now my child and let the righteous continue on our journey.”

Uriel felt his nerve snap. The priest spoke of purity as though he knew what it truly was, but how could anyone know, nobody had studied it for as long as he had and it remained elusive even to him. The robed fool had no idea what he was talking about, and there was only one reply for the pretenders of the pure. He drew his sword and stepped forward, a flame erupting along the blade.

“I’ll bring you closer to the purity of truth than you’ve ever been.”
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Expectation Legendary SUMMONERS and NEUTRAL Legendary CARDS

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Gold foil cards drop rate has been increased from 0.2% to 0.4% I guess as in annoucements.


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