My Splinterlands Battle: Counter to Melee & Magic Monsters

On this #Splinterlands Battle, I used an Earth Splinter team led by Mylor Crowling. The team led by Mylor Crowling together with Unicorn Mustang and Mushroom Seer provide a great winning chance against opponents whose lineup is composed of Melee and/or Magic Monsters.

The Battle has the Heavy Hitters and Stampede Rules, but neither I nor my opponent took advantage of them. I would have used the Water Splinter lineup again with The Kraken, but I wanted to try something different than my favorite Water Splinter team.

Battle replay:

My strategy

  • Mylor Crowling is a Rare Earth Summoner which gives the Thorns Ability to all friendly Monsters. Thorns deals 2 physical damage to any opponent Monster that deals Melee damage to the Monster with that ability.
  • Combined with the Rare Monster Unicorn Mustang which has the Void Ability that reduces incoming Magic Damage by 2 (rounded down), Thorns makes that Monster powerful against both Melee and Magic attacks.
  • The Rare Monster Mushroom Seer has the Silence Ability which reduces the Magic Attack of all opponent's Monsters by 1. Combined with the Void Ability of Unicorn Mustang, the Magic attacks of the opponent's Monsters are almost ineffective.
  • The Epic Monster Sporcerer has the Rust Ability. Rust reduces the Armor of all opponent's Monsters by 2 while the Monster with that Ability is still alive. However, since the opponent's Monsters did not have any Armor (due to them being mostly Magic Monsters), that Ability did not help me on this Battle.
  • The Epic Monster Mitica Headhunter is very fast (with 5 Speed), can sustain decent damage (with 5 Health) and can deal massive Ranged damage (with 4 Ranged Attack) from behind. I use it when available using the Earth Splinter every time I can put 6 Monsters on my team, though not directly at the backmost slot to prevent Monsters with the Sneak Ability from defeating it quickly.

I won the Battle without losing a single Monster. I used the Common Neutral Monster Mantoid only to finish the Snipe Quest.

Further analysis

  • The Epic Earth Monster Hunter Jarx is stronger than the Mantoid such that it deals 1 more Ranged Damage and has 1 more Health for the same Mana cost (6 Mana). It is currently for sale on the Splinterlands in-game Market for less than $1 each. It is usable on Battles with the Taking Sides Rule (where Neutral Monsters such as Mantoid are unusable), though not usable on Battles with the Rise of the Commons Rule (where only Common and Rare Monsters) where Mantoid can be used.
  • It is not recommended to use Level 3+ Flesh Golem (which has the Heal Ability that restores 3 Health to it per turn) on Battles with high Mana Cap, since without the Shield or Void Ability which will help protect it against attacks, it is likely to be defeated before it can restore its Health. It is recommended only for Battles with low Mana Cap (about 20 or less Mana).
  • My lineup is almost ineffective against opponent Ranged lineups, especially when they are led by the Rare Life Summoner General Sloan, the Legendary Fire Summoner Yodin Zaku, or the Legendary Dragon Summoner Selenia Sky. Selenia Sky is not commonly encountered during Battles on the Bronze and Silver Leagues.

Let me know your feedback or questions about my strategy, analysis, or post in general.

Battle replay: