My Splinterlands Battle: Lost Magic

On this #Splinterlands Battle with the Lost Magic Rule, I used the Water Splinter led by the Rare Summoner Kelya Frendul.

The Battle also had the Stampede Rule which allows Monsters with the Trample Ability to trigger the ability repeatedly (instead of just once) when the target Monster gets defeated, but I haven't put that here because neither my team or my opponent's used any Monster with Trample.

My strategy

  • Knowing that my opponent won't be able to use Magic Monsters, I used two Monsters which will lower the opponent's Monsters' attack - Disintegrator which reduces their Melee attack and Naga Windmaster which reduces their Ranged attack.
  • I used The Kraken which forces opponent's Monsters (with weakened Melee and Ranged damage) to attack it at the frontline and the Crustacean King to heal it, preventing my other Monsters with 5 or less Life from getting targeted and defeated.

I was able to win the Battle without losing any Monster.

Further analysis

  • If the opponent used the Legendary Dragon Summoner Daria Dragonscale (which adds 1 Melee Attack to all friendly Monsters) on this Battle, my Melee and Ranged attack debuffs for the opponent probably won't be enough to prevent my The Kraken from getting defeated, especially with the opponent's Silvershield Assassin's attack getting increased further on top of their Silvershield Knight's Inspire Ability.
  • For the Water Splinter lineup, using the Rare Bortus Summoner won't help in Battles with Lost Magic in their Ruleset, unless it has a higher Level than the other Rare/Epic Water Summoners available for you, and some of your Monsters are also upgraded too.
  • It is not recommended to use the Rare Water Summoner Vera Salacia (which gives the the Snare Ability to all friendly Monsters) on Battles with the Lost Magic Rule, unless the Battle also has the Earthquake Rule and the Rare Dragon Summoner Brighton Bloom (which gives the Flying Ability to all friendly Monsters) is not available.

Battle Replay:


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