Deep Dive on Riftwatchers Summoners: Part 1




Hi! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

I will hold my Chaos Legion review for a moment to give way for the newest card edition that will be released on Splinterlands few days from now which is the Riftwatchers Gems. They are a 43- card extension to the Chaos Legion that includes, 13 common, 12 rare, 6 epic (summoners) and 12 legendary cards. Each packs will be sold at $ 5.00 USD worth of SPS and 1 voucher. Before the official release, there will be 500k packs that will be sold in the presale that will be held at September 15, 2022 (2:00 PM ET / 18:00 UTC) which includes a promo card. Not only that SPS value will increase despite the bear market, all the sales with within this card set will go directly to the SPS DAO to benefit all token holders and will not bring revenue for the company.


As mentioned above, there will be 43 new cards that will be included on this set (promo card not included) and 6 of them will be an Epic summoner. Each summoner will cost 4 mana and each element will have one and will mainly feature abilities similar to the Summoners from the Azmare Dice edition. So if you are familiar Owster Rotwell, Lorna Shine and Mylor Crowling among the other summoners, then the summoners within this set will also have ability- based effects on them.

I decided to cut my review because as I was writing, the review, I realized that it I was only about half of my review and there is so much content that I do not want to over saturate anyone who's reading it and take note that I'm only looking at modern cards so it might be twice as long if I ever wanted to include them.

Now, let's take a look at each one of them, together with the existing cards that will go along with them within the Modern Format and within the limitations of the league I'm playing for which is in Gold league as this will probably affects the market price for each of these cards.


I also take the liberty of sharing the Riftwatchers Trailer for those who hasn't still watch the video because I'm really impressed for the work that they've done for the game and the lore so I want to reach as many people as I can. I will also link the original blog source for this so you can go support them as well as the links for the pack presale.





Summoner Name: FERNHEART

Edition: Riftwatchers

Rarity: Epic

Element: Earth
Effects: +1 health, Close Range ability_close-range.png

Fernheart is a Riftwatchers Epic Earth Summoner that gives +1 health and Close Range ability that allows range monsters to attack at the first position. Because of this, most of the range Earth and Neutral monsters will have more utility to them. This summoner will be ideal to use when melee monsters cannot be used under the Keep Your Distance rule set or when it was magic that cannot be used in Lost magic rule set. This can also be a good counter to the summoner Mylor Crowling which gives Thorns ability to all ally monsters as this ability only works for melee monsters.

Cards Watch List:

It's undeniable that ranged card from the Earth and Neutral Element gains more utility with Fernhearth but this are the cards that I think benefited the most from this summoner.

RewardsBarking Spider_lv8_small.pngVenari Seedsmith_lv6_small.pngVampiric Blossom_lv6_small.png
UntamedMitica Headhunter_lv5_small.pngCornealus_lv3_small.pngWar Chaang_lv5_small.png
Chaos LegionHunter Jarx_lv5_small.pngIza the Fanged_lv3_small.png
  • Barking Spider has decent amount of health and speed at only 4 mana and can be use on Little League and it has the BlindBlind that gives 15% chance of evading melee and range attacks.

  • Venari Seedsmith does not have high health but if you place it from the 5th position, then it will have at least 8 health when it gets to the first position because of the Scavenger which let it to gain 1 health every time that a monster dies and while doing so, it will also throw Poison damage to the opponent monster.

  • Vampiric Blossom is an effective counter to the likes of Baakjira with its Oppress ability that deals double damage to monsters with no attack. I said that I will only talk monsters within the limitations of gold league but is is an exception because at the highest levels, it will gain the Immunity which will make it immune to Poison on Noxious Fumes rule set and if it happens to be facing Baakjira one on one then it damage will be further multiplied because of the Deathblow ability.

  • Mitika Headhunter has the biggest damage among the modern range cards within the Earth Element with 6 damage at gold cap and with the Piercing ability, any excess damage of this card to the opponent armor will be directed to its health and the Snare also helps to remove Flying to opponent monsters.

  • Cornealus will be a good tank with Fernhearth as summoner because it has the Heal ability which allows it to restore a portion of its health every round and the combination of Thorns and Return Fire will be can be among the worst nightmare of range and melee monsters alike.

  • War Chaang is another interesting card because it has both melee and range attack so if you place it at the first position then this can deal up to 5 damage to the enemy not adding the damage it can deal when it Retaliate against melee monsters that attack it and possibly throw another attack when it defeats an opponent

  • Hunter Jarx will be sure to hit every monster with it's True Strike and with Snipe it will attack the closest non- melee monster until it gets to the first position.

  • Iza the Fanged is another monster that you can use at little league that also has the Scavenger ability it will gain 1 health for every monster that dies and aside from that, it has the SneakSneak and Stun ability which will attack the opponent monster in the last position and possibly causes them to be unable to attack.

That said, there are also range cards that would likely fall in value because they already have the Close Range ability such as Gargoya Devil and Beatrix Ironhand but they still benefit with the extra life so using them with Fernheart is not that bad of an option.




Summoner Name: ILTHAIN

Edition: Riftwatches

Rarity: Epic

Element: Life
Effects: +1 Speed, Return Fire ability_return-fire.png

Ilthain is a Riftwatchers Epic Life Summoner that gives +1 Speed and Return Fire ability which can be said to be the nemesis for Fernheart and its range team as it will return 50% of range damage back to the attacker. This can be also used to counter the Fire Summoner Yodin Zaku and even the other Chaos Legion summoner General Sloane whose effects includes adding +1 range damage to all ally range cards. This summoner will be ideal to use when melee monsters cannot be used under the Keep Your Distance rule set or when it was magic that cannot be used in Lost magic rule set.

Card Watch List:

Generally, all the Life and Neutral monsters will benefit big for this ability but I see those with huge amount of armor and monsters with Shield, Amplify and Repair to be the biggest winners from this summoner.

RewardPelacor Conjurer_lv8_small.pngOnyx Sentinel_lv5_small.png
UntamedCrystal Jaguar_lv8_small.pngShieldbearer_lv6_small.pngElven Defender_lv8_small.pngLone Boatman_lv8_small.png
DiceKralus_lv3_small.pngWarrior of Peace_lv8_small.png
Chaos LegionBlinding Reflector_lv8_small.pngChaos Knight_lv8_small.pngUriel the Purifier_lv3_small.pngLegionnaire Alvar_lv3_small.pngDax Paragon_lv5_small.pngAdelade Brightwing_lv3_small.pngVenari Spellsmith_lv6_small.png

  • Pelacor Conjurer for only 2 mana has 7 health and with Divine Shield, it will take no damage on the first attack it also has Magic Reflect that will return magic damage back to the opponent and with Flying, non- magic damage would likely miss attacking this card. If you have 5 spare mana, you can rather use Onyx Sentinel. Not only that it will halve the damage received from magic and non-magic attacks because of its Void and Shield, it also has Thorns. Further along, if you have 7 mana, you can use Warrior of Peace. This reduce -1 range damage to all opponent cards with Headwinds ability then it also has the Demoralize to reduce -1 damage to melee cards.

  • Crystal Jaguar and Blinding Reflector are cards that could both fit at the Little league as tanks due to their decent health and armor for their mana cost. The first one has the Thorns while the other one has the Magic Reflect ability and adding Return Fire will further add to thier utility.

  • Chaos Knight, Shield Bearer and Elven Defender all have the Shield ability that halves the damage of both melee and range attacks and with return fire, they might be able to deal more damage back to the range card than what they actually received.

  • Kralus and Uriel the Purifier are monsters that cost more than 10 mana but both has huge health and armor. They also both have Heal and Flying ability that also allows them to dodge non- magic attacks and to sustain their health. On the other hand Legionnaire Alvar is a direct counter to them with it's Giant Killer but also offers the most armor of all and with Void Armor, magic damage cannot penetrate this monster's armor.

  • Lone Boatman, Scavo Hireling and Adelade Brightwing has the Repair ability that will restore the armor of the monster that has taken the most damage will be important on sustaining your team's armor for as long as it is. Adelade Brightwing also has the Resurrect ability that will bring back a defeated monster back with 1 health but also fully restores their armor.

  • Dax Paragon and Venari Spellsmith lost some utility with the arrival of Granmaster Rathe which is a Legendary summoner that gives Amplify to all ally monsters but with the arrival of Ilthain then this card gains more use case.

The monsters that would likely be affected because of this summoner would be Almo Cambio and Cornealus which both gains Return Fire at level 3 but that also means that you can just a level 2 card instead.




Summoner Name: SKARGORE

Edition: Riftwatches

Rarity: Epic

Element: Fire

Effects: Enrage ability_enrage.png

Skargore is a Riftwatchers Epic Fire Summoner that gives the Enrage ability that will multiplied the speed of all ally monsters with x1.5 and the attack of all ally melee monsters (rounded up) so I think this is the reason why there are no status buff for this summoner unlike the other two. This can be of good use to Up Close and Personal battles as well as Melee Mayhem where all melee cards can attack on any position. The off- side of this ability is that your monster needs to received damage to it's health first before it can activate the ability.

Card Watch List:

Majority of Fire and Neutral cards as long as they received damage benefits to the ability of this summoner but the highest winners will still be the Tanks then the Reach monsters as they are also melee cards that can continuously attack at the second position.

RewardCharlok Minotaur_lv8_small.pngFineas Rage_lv6_small.pngSand Worm_lv8_small.pngEfreet Elder_lv6_small.png
Enrage StatsSpeed- 3
Attack- 6
Speed- 9
Attack- 5
Speed- 6
Attack- 9
Speed- 6
UntamedLiving Lava_lv6_small.pngElven Defender_lv8_small.pngWar Chaang_lv5_small.png
Enrage StatsSpeed- 2
Attack- 5
Speed- 5
Attack- 5
Speed- 5
Attack- 5
Range- 2
Chaos LegionAntoid Platoon_lv8small.pngTenyii Striker_lv6_small.pngTusk the Wide_lv5_small.pngForgotten One_lv5_small.pngGrum Flameblade_lv3_small.pngDisintegrator_lv8_small.pngLegionnaire Alvar_lv3_small.png
Enrage StatsSpeed- 3
attack- 3
Speed- 5
Attack- 6
Speed- 2
Attack- 3
Speed- 3
Attack- 8
Speed- 2
Attack- 6
Speed- 3
Attack- 5
Speed- 3
Attack- 5
  • Charlok Minotaur when Enrage can go up to 3 speed and 6 attack and while it is still slow, it has the True Strike ability that will ensure that the 6 attack damage will always land to its target and when we add the Retaliate, then there is a chance that this card will attack all the melee monsters that will attack it.

  • Fineas Rage as Reach monster is already fast enough but when Enrage then his speed can go up to 9 and 5 attack damage so if good luck hitting this card and with the Opress ability, he can deal twice of his damage to monsters with no attack.

  • Sand Worm as a Sneak monster can attack the last positioned monster as long as it's not in the first position. When Enrage, it's attack will rise to 9 and speed to 6 so if an opponent hit this card the first time, then it might not the next either because it misses or because Sand Worm one- hit that card. It also have the Snare ability to remove Flying on monsters.

  • Efreet Elder is the only non- melee card that I added here because it has the Last Stand where all of it's stats will be multiplied by x.15 (rounded- up) so if we partnered it with Enrage this card will have 9 speed, then all of it's other stats will also be boosted.

  • Living lava has the Shield which will reduce range and melee damage by half. When Enrage, its speed will becomes 2 and will have 5 attack damage and it has the Rust that reduces the armor of all enemy monsters.

  • Elven Defender also have the Shield ability which will reduce range and melee damage by half. When Enrage, its speed will becomes 5 and will have 5 attack damage.

  • War Chaang is a monster that has both melee and range damage so when it happens to be Enrage, it can have 5 speed, 5 attack but it's range damage will remain at to. Since it has the Retaliate and Trample ability, it has a high chance to attack more than once every round.

  • Antoid Platoon is a low mana tank with Shield ability and when Enrage, it will have 3 speed and 3 damage and it also has the Scavenger ability that will allow it to increase it's max health by 1 every time a monster dies.

  • Tenyii Striker is a Sneek monster with the Dodge which means it has 25% chance to dodge attacks and when Enrage, it's speed will go up to 5 with 6 attack so the chances of hitting it again will be harder.

  • Tusk the Wide has huge health for only 6 mana and it has the Void ability which will reduce magic damage and theInspire that will add +1 melee damage to all ally melee cards and when combined with Enrage, the total attack that this monster can have is 4 and 2 speed.

  • Forgotten One when Enrage, will have 8 attack and 3 speed plus it had the Retaliate, giving it chance to attack more than once in every round and Piercing which deal the excess damage from the armor to the monster's health.

  • Grum Flameblade when Enrage, will have 6 attack and 2 speed but it has the Bloodlust which will increase all of its stats by +1 when it defeats a monster and if it happens to face a monster that has 10 or more mana cost, then Giant Killer will double whatever damage that it has. It has huge health and huge armor with Void and Void Armor will help to reduce magic damage to this card.

  • Dissintegrator and Legionnaire Alvar both has the Demoralize ability which will decrease -1 melee damage to all opponent melee monsters and will have 3 speed and 5 attack when Enrage. Dissintegrator has the Knockout ability which doubles the damage to a Stuned monster and Trample if it succeeded in defeating the monster. On the other hand, Legionnaire Alvar has the Giant Killer which will double the damage to monsters with 10 or more mana and the Void Armor will be used to make this card last longer.

The cards that won't be benefitting to from this summoner will be Magnor unless you want a level 1 with only the Taunt but you will miss the Trample. The other one will be Radiated Brute at level 6 but it will probably be better at level 5 because Skargor have it's back.


And that's it for the first par of my review for Riftwatchers summonners and the potential cards that can synchronize with them. There might be other cards that I miss or you just don't agree that it will work out as I imagined to because the only way to prove my ideas is to put them on actual play when it was released. So if you have any suggestions, then feel free to write down in the comments section.

I only have 5 vouchers and about enough SPS unstaked to buy 5 packs so I still don't know where that will take me but I will still try my luck for these packs or/and probably just rent this cards for future references.


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