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Hello there! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

I'm here for this week's Battle Mage Secrets with the featured rule set Armored Up. It is a rule set that gives +2 armor on all monsters in play.

The Battle that I will show to you this week was from bltzr-wizard-726 which is the scholar account awarded to me by Balthazar guild that has max level Chaos Legion deck and is currently playing on both game format at Diamond league but before I show you the battle, let us learn more about this rule set.

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Rule Set Icon
  • All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.
  • Most effective attack would be magic since they ignored the armor and attack directly to health unless the target has Void Armor.

Abilities to Consider:
Disabled Abilities
Buff Abilities
De- buff Abilities
Desired Abilities
cripple.png piercing.png
repair.png shatter.png
divine shield.png void armor.png
  • Protect will further increase the armor of the monsters for your team by +2.

  • Having monsters with Rust will reduce the armor of all opponent monsters.

  • With Cripple you can still reduce the health every time it was attacked even with armor while Piercing deals any excess damage on armor to the targets health.

  • A monster with Repair will restore the armor of an allied monster every round while Shatter will remove all the armor of the target no matter how many there are.

  • Divine Shield gives you invulnerability for one attack while Void Armor will be helpful to avoid direct damage to health using magic attacks.

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Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup


Rule Set

03- Gold 1 Wild.png
Gold League
Wild Format
51 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 3-Earth.png 4-Death.png 5-Life.png
Broken Arrows
Ranged attack Monsters may not be used in battles.
Armored Up
All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


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For this battle, we have the featured rule set Armored Up for this weeks feature rule set which gives +2 armor to all monsters and Broken Arrows for the second rule set which bans the use of range monsters. Given this conditions, I choose the following line- up:

  • Summoner: Since all monsters have armor, the use of magic would be effective so I use Obsidian to boost magic damage.

  • 1st Position: I used Grund for my tank since it has very huge amount of health and can attack twice per turn with Double Strike and has the chance to attack more when it defeated an opponent with the use of Trample.

  • 2nd Position: I placed the Mycelic Slipspawn which has the Taunt ability which makes the opponent to attack this card and Forcefield which will reduce damage that exceeds 5 to 1.

  • 3rd Position: I placed the Magi of Chaos with Oppress to deal twice the damage on opponents with no attack.

  • 4th Position: I placed the Queen Mycelia that gives +2 armor to all allied monsters with Protect and restores the health of backline monsters that receive damage with Triage.

  • 5th Position: I used Spirit Hoarder to also provide another Triage and remove the positive status on the target with Dispel.

  • 6th Position: I placed Goblin Psychic to reduce magic attacks of the opponent with Silence and prevent the target from healing with Affliction while providing Tank Heal to the first position monster.

Armored Up.png

Revealing Battle Secrets


Pre- battle Phase: Applying ability buffs and de- buffs

Round 1:


  • Due to the Grund attacking twice, not only was the armor from the opponents' Mycelic Slipspawn was removed, it also deals 4 damage to it and followed by my teams attack, it was defeated on round 1 where the rest of my team attack Regal Peryton.

  • The only monster that receive damage from my team was Mycelic Slipspawn which was some of it were restored with Triage until it receives Affliction from the opponent.

Round 2:


  • Regal Peryton was defeated by Magi of Chaos and an attack from Suidae Shaman defeated my Mycelic Slipspawn.

  • Grund as been afflicted by Doctor Blight but we also prevent the opponent Goblin Psychic to heal and only has 1 health left.

Round 3:


  • Grund defeated Goblin Psychic and activates Trample, Attacking Suidae Shaman. The magic damage from my team has back to normal.

  • Suidae Shaman was defeated by Spirit Hoarder and the last attack from ,my team damages Doctor Blight.

Round 4:


  • Grund deals 4 damage to Doctor Blight before it got defeated by Kron the Undying.

  • Magi of Chaos defeated Doctor Blight which leads to Kron the Undying to activate Last Stand, increasing all of its stats but it got afflicted by Goblin Psychic when it attack and now cannot use Heal.

Round 5 and 6:


The barrage of attacks from my team deals significant damage to Kron the Undying but it is not enough to completely turn its health to 0 due to it having Divine Shield which rendered on one attack useless.


So it take another round before the enemy was defeated but not before it defeated Magi of Chaos, ending the battle at round 6.

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Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at 3speak or in Splinterlands.

Armored Up.png

Did your Strategy Work?

For this battle, the Armored Up Rule set has given all monsters the armor and the use of magic attacks made it easier to deal damage to my opponent. The opponent also uses the same strategy but what decided the battle at the end was the few healings that my monster received and having huge health for my tank and secondary tank which has allowed me to defeat the opponent first.

Armored Up.png


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