Predicting the Unpredictable RNG with Aimless Rule Set

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Hello there! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday!

I'm here for this week's Battle Mage Secrets with the featured rule set Aim LEss. It is a rule set that makes ranged and magic attacks to attack random targets.

The Battle that I will show to you this week was last seasons battle from bltzr-wizard-726 which is the scholar account awarded to me by Balthazar guild that has max level Chaos Legion deck and is currently playing on the Gold League of the for both game format but before I show you the battle, let us learn more about this rule set.

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img_combat-rule_aimless.png AIM LESS img_combat-rule_aimless.png

Rule Set Icon
  • All monsters have the Scattershot ability.
  • Range and Magic monsters attack random opponents each round.

Abilities to Consider:
Disabled Abilities
Buff Abilities
De- buff Abilities
Desired Abilities
  • Snipe and Opportunity becomes overtaken by the Scattershot ability unless the Opportunity monster was melee. Taunt also becomes ineffective for random attacks from range and magic attacks but still works for melee monsters.

  • It will be good to have monsters with Inspire ability which increases melee damage of all ally melee monsters, Protect to have additional armor, Stregnthen ability which increases the health of all ally monsters and Swiftness that will increase the speed of all ally monsters for buffing abilities.

  • De- buffing abilities that is good to have includes Demoralize which reduce melee attacks of opponent monsters, Headwinds to reduce range damage, Silence to reduce magic, Slow to reduce speed and Weaken to reduce health.

  • To maximize the damage of the random attacks, using monsters or summoners with Blast will be desired as they also deal damage to the adjacent cards of the target monster.

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Revealing Battle Conditions and Team Lineup


Rule Set

04- Diamond 1 Modern.png
Diamond League
Modern Format
99 Mana Cap
Available Elements: 01- fire.png 02-Water.png 3-Earth.png 4-Death.png 5-Life.png 6-Dragon.png
All monsters have the Scattershot ability.
The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
Noxious Fumes
All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.

Opponent's Line- up


My Team


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For this battle, we have the featured rule set Aim Less which makes range and magic attacks hit random target as well as Stampede which allows monsters with Trample to do multiple attacks when defeated a monster and Noxious Fumes which poisoned all monsters at the start of the battle. Given this conditions, I choose the following line- up:

  • Summoner: I used Quix the Devious to reduce the range and speed of the opponent and to be able to use dragon monsters.

  • 1st Position: I used Uriel the Purifier for my tank since it has very huge amount of health but also has heal which restores its health each round to reduce the damage from poison.

  • 2nd Position: I placed the Carnage Titan which has Reach to so that it can attack at the 2nd position and Double Strike that allows it to attack twice each round.

  • 3rd Position: I placed the Agor Longtail for it has huge health and armor as well as the Taunt ability to attract melee monsters that can attack this card and Void Armor so that magic needs to remove all of its armor first before attacking its health.

  • 4th Position: I placed the Adelade Brightwing which has the Resurrect ability to revive one monster with all negative stats removed but only has 1 health and has Repair to restore the armor of the ally monster that sustained damage. It also has Immunity which makes it immune to all negative status effects and Swiftness which increases the speed of all allied monsters.

  • 5th Position: I used Djinn Renova which has Strengthen to increase the health of all ally monsters and Triage to restore the health of backline monster that sustained most damage.

  • 6th Position: I placed Chaos Dragon which have the Blind which causes the opponents melee and range attacks to miss and Blast to deal damage to adjacent monsters of the target.

Aim Less.png

Revealing Battle Secrets


Pre- battle Phase: Applying ability buffs and de- buffs

Round 1:


  • Round one started with my Chaos Dragon attacking Goblin Psychic and doing Blast damage to Carnage Titan and the opponents Chaos Dragon. It was followed by the opponent's Chaos Dragon attacking Djinn Renova and doing Blast damage to Adelade Brightwing and my Chaos Dragon.

  • Agor Longtail attacks Carnage Titan for 1 damage followed by Djinn Renova attacking Uloth Dhampir and Mycelic Slipspawn attacking Adelade Brightwing for 3 damage each.

  • Opponent's Carnage Titan attacks Uriel the Purifier removing all of its armor followed by my Carnage Titan removing the armor of Djinn Chwala but it sustained damage on armor because of Thorns.

  • Djinn Chwala attacked Uriel the Purifier for 4 damage before Adelade Brightwing restore its armor and attacks Goblin Pyschic with 2 damage.

  • Goblin Psychic attacked **Uriel the Purifier for 2 damage and applies Affliction which will prevent it from being healed whiled Uloth Dhampir attacked Agor Longtail

Round 2:


  • After Poison damage hits every one, Goblin Psychic was defeated and the magic damage from my team that was reduced because of Silence returns to normal.

  • Djinn Chwala attacks Uriel the Purifier, removing its armor.

  • The Opponent's Chaos Dragon was the first to attack this time dealing damage to my Carnage Titan and reducing the health of Uriel the Purifier and armor for Agor Longtail. Then my Chaos Dragon Attacked Djinn Chwala damaging Carnage Titan.

  • Agor Lontail attacks Mycelic Slipspawn for 2 damage while Djinn Renova attacks Chaos Dragon with 4 damage but got its healing priorities wrong when it healed Carnage Titan rather than Adelade Brightwing and then it got Defeated by Mycelic Slipspawn.

  • Both Carnage Titan has defeated Uriel the Purifier and Djinn Chwala Uriel the Purifier did one final damage to all opponent monsters with its Redemption ability.

  • Uloth Dhampir attacks removing the armor of Agor Longtail.

Round 3:


  • After another Poison Damage the opponents Chaos Dragon, Carnage Titan and Uloth Dhampir got their health to 0 and was defeated, leaving only Mycelic Slipspawn.

  • Mycelic Slipspawn attacked Carnage Titan for 3 damage for the last time before it gets the full attack of my team and defeated it, making round 3 the end of the battle.

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Battle Recap

Here is a replay of the battle which at you can watch at 3speak or in Splinterlands.

Aim Less.png

Did your Strategy Work?

For this battle, the Aimless Rule set has made all attacks from magic and range monsters random which causes unexpected results for both teams and because of this, I have Uriel the purifier and Carnage Titan on my Team which attacks have remained constant but the most helpful monster that leads me to victory was the Chaos Dragon and its Blast damage though it already has the Scattershot ability in the beginning.

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