SPS Earning Report: Day 61 (November 10, 2022)

Hi! @Saydie here, playing Splinterlands everyday.

After more than a week, it was only until recently that I was able to play this account due to my busy schedule and I was using my DEC to purchase Chaos Legion rewards card that I will use to max out the cards I already have then delegate it on the recently awarded max level scholar account that was from Balthazar Guild.

For today's grind, I was able to play a total of 31 games with 21 of them are matches that I won while also keeping an ECR of 74.62% and unlocking a total of 13 Gold Chest.

Upon opening the chest, this are what I've got:

  • 1 Regular Foil Rare Card (20 CP)
  • 1.596 SPS
  • 297 Merits
  • 22 Legendary Potions
  • 6 Alchemy Potions

No luck again today with my chest rewards. I got 1.596 SPS from chest and from the battle, I got 15.405 SPS so the total that I got from this day is 17.001 SPS.

And that was all for today's earning report. Thank you!

All the image that I edited here belongs to Splinterlands.

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