Splinterlands growth and exciting times

Splinterlands is a game that was growing slowly but steadily and there were many players on the Hive blockchain such as myself who were playing it. Seasons passed, contests held, and tournaments battled.

One fine day, we saw some new faces such as the Axie and the Zen Sports guys. Soon, news spread and there was a sudden onset of new players and accounts were created within seconds and the splinterlands discord server witnessed a rush of new entrants. More people were needed and the veteran players stepped in to help and remove the doubts of the new players. It was an exciting time indeed.

Untamed edition - sold out
Dice - sold out
New guilds - formed

New players started to rent and many found their old unused cards being rented out and returns awesome. Some even quit playing and rented out.
SPS airdrops and the rise of dec pointed out one big thing. The rise of Hive token and well deserved too. Too long it was that hive was ignored. The new splinterlands players realized that hive was an invaluable token and it rose and was steady.

You might be wondering why I am writing all this. I can feel the excitement and even though there are people who say that there are complexities involved and always see the glass as half full, the stupendous growth of Splinterlands cannot be contained or stopped.

In the near future, you can expect to see the media talking about it and the gamers raving about the monsters and we may even get to see soft toys of the monsters. Wouldn't it be exciting to own a Mylor or an angel of light soft toy?

So, what do you think about crypto in general?
BTC - no use case
Doge - a meme
but what about Hive and Dec and Sps - think about it and delve in and not regret it later just as you do about Eth or BTC now.

Find out more about the markets on Hive.
Find out about the related apps on Hive.
Find out about the other hive engine tokens.

It is time to get up from the usual worldly stuff and read more about the Hive blockchain and try and understand why games such as Splinterlands are making it big and the population of gamers is finding it too irresistible.

I was present in discord when a user mentioned that Splinterlands was far more exciting than Axie infinity and I asked him and he told me that he wished he had known about splinterlands earlier.

The above video is about opening the Gladius pack that I bought with merits earned on the Filler account. The cards are awesome but I have to yet play with it frequently enough to understand the abilities and the positioning. I do hope the Gladius cards can be used for some other format too other than the brawls because it is underutilized in my opinion. I am hoping that the devs will find some other use cases too besides the lands or brawls.

Please do watch the video and subscribe for more. I am planning to upload a daily battle and if possible learn how to do a voice-over and maybe a live stream if I get more subscribers. Sounds far-fetched? Well, you never know. My intention is not to make money through such videos but to spread the word about splinterlands and get more people to come and play and realize what they have been missing all this time.

Sign up and be a part of this mega game.


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Really exciting times! So true.😀