Illustration of The TEMPLE PRIEST. Splinterlands Art Contest.

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As promised I'm back again with another post of splinterlands. It's a new entry for this week's art contest. I've been sharing battle discussion posts for a long time. But, in the meantime, I was also trying to develop some other skills. I already knew how to use Photoshop and the basics of using Illustrator. And during this time I learned about using Illustrator and in today's post, I'll be sharing an illustration of a monster of splinterlands named Temple Priest. And by sharing this post I'm submitting my first entry in the weekly art contest arranged by @splinterlands.

Temple Priest Fan-Art.

Temple Priest Final.jpg

Original Image

Temple Priest (1).png

I first used the pen tool to draw the lines and I'll add the screenshots of my steps below.

Screenshot (1432).png

As you can see clearly from this first screenshot, there was a lot of line drawing, coloring, and shading. So, if I just add all the steps. There will be more than 100 screenshots in this post which is not a good thing I guess. So, I'm just adding the screenshots of the main parts. I was so focused while drawing that I forgot to take screenshots of many parts. And as I gave the card a new look also I'm new in this line of work. And this is why there was a lot of processing and a lot of erasing and re-drawing. So, taking screenshots while working was not easy also it was almost impossible to capture the correct steps. That's why I took the screenshots from layers after completing the drawing.

Screenshot (1433).png

Screenshot (1434).png

Screenshot (1436).png

Screenshot (1435).png

Screenshot (1438).png

Screenshot (1439).png

Screenshot (1437).png

Screenshot (1442).png

Final View.

Screenshot (1444).png

Temple Priest.png

After completing the drawing I downloaded a background image from This Site and used photoshop to add it.

Image Source

Screenshot (1445).png

Final Image of TEMPLE PRIEST

Temple Priest Final.jpg

I'm looking forward to sharing and creating more and more artwork with you guys. Hope you liked this one.

Link to join the contest:

My refer link to splinterlands:

Thank You For Your Time.


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