I got some luck on the recent airdrop cards: Grum and Iza


Yesterday, Iza and Grum became part of my collection. I consider myself lucky here, as I bought 139 packs in general sale which is far away form the packs to be bought for a guaranteed airdrop.

Playing Grum


I had a lot of close battles with Grum already and didn't always find him useful as a first tank, as he got killed surprisingly quick often. However, with Sneak or Opportunity rulesets, he can become incredibly powerful. See below fight as an example.

Playing him against mana can also be nice as his shield needs to be battled as well. Bloodlust makes him a brutal assassin later in fights.


Playing Iza


Iza isn't the key to winning this battle, but look how well she can be played in a battle where you have some meatshield to give her more Health and how she just goes ramping up health during the battle. You can build her into Earth/Mana setups incredibly well.

Scavenger and Sneak make her gain health quickly from the back of the field and of course she also participates from killing enemy tanks in the frontline.


As I am a rather new player who is just building his deck, I am not going to sell my first ever airdrop rewards. They're playable and I like them a lot.

How did the airdrop work out for you? Especially when you are rather new and didn't invest that much money.