Peakmonster [Asia] 營運報告 #18。 Peakmonster [Asia] Operation Report #18


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各位好, 我現在發佈新公會-Peakmonster [Asia] 的第十八份營運報告。

Hello everyone, I am now releasing the #18 operational report of the new guild - Peakmonster [Asia].


公會簡介 / Introduction of our Guild


這是一個以香港玩家為主的公會。 公會的原名是“YMGE永夢”。 在2022年10月正式成為Peakmonster的附屬公會,得到Peakmonster的全力支持。

This is a Guild mainly composed of Hong Kong players. The original name of the guild before was “YMGE永夢”. We are officially become an affiliated guild of Peakmonster in October 2022, with the full support from Peakmonster.

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最新消息 / News


We just raised the level of the guild building Barracks to LV4. Thanks again to for its full support for guild building.




剛結束的公會戰成績 / Recent Brawl battle result

現在來看看剛剛結束的公會戰結果(15 Jan 2023)

Now take a look at the results of the last Brawl battle (15 Jan 2023)


我們以66W 58L的成績排名第5。

We finished 1 with a 66W 58L.

sps r02.PNG

42.308 SPS reward.

個人成績 / Personal Results




會員勝率排名 / Member Win Rate Ranking


今次共有15位成員能夠取得公會戰獎勵金。在此祝賀 @achillesneon 取得第一名。

This time, a total of 16 members can get the guild battle bonus. I would like to congratulate @achillesneon for winning the first place.

會員公會戰獎勵 / Member Guild Battle Rewards


1st 1000dec
2nd 500dec
3rd 300dec
4-5th 100dec




In the brawl battle, a bonus mechanism will be set up, which will be given to the top 5 members. Rewards are allocated from the Brawl Battle Ranking Rewards Pool. The reward mechanism is as follows:
The total prize money for each brawl battle is 2000dec, and the ranking of members will be based on the winning percentage. If the winning percentage is the same, the one with the most points will be ranked first.

Prize distribution:
1st 1000dec
2nd 500dec
3rd 300dec
4-5th 100dec

Participate in the Gold Card Fray, and get the top 5, with an additional 20% bonus

In order to allow each guild member to receive rewards, each member will receive a 50dec reward for each victory. Regardless of the ranking, as long as there is 1 victory, you can get the reward. The gold card Fray rewards will be doubled.

The brawl battle rewards will be adjusted according to the balance of the reward pool funds. If the funds are exhausted, the distribution will stop.

bouns payout.PNG

獎金發放記錄 / Bonus distribution record


獎勵金池資金記錄 / Reward pool funds record

現時公會戰獎勵池資金由我本人的scfather02賬號管理,起始金額為80000dec,其中40000dec轉換為swap.hive,放進swap.hive-dec的liquidity pool中賺取利息。

At present, the guild battle reward pool funds are managed by my own scfather02 account. The starting amount is 80000dec, of which 40000dec is converted into swap.hive and put into the liquidity pool of swap.hive-dec to earn interest.


我從Pool中提取了6102.212DEC, 6100DEC作為今次公會戰獎金。 同時提取了Liquidity Pool的利息1.282SPS, 並將早前從Pool中取出DEC時所餘下的SWAP.HIVE當中的一半兌換了4073.5DEC, 然後再次投放於Liquidity Pool中。

I extracted 6102.212DEC from the Pool, a total of 6100DEC will be issued as bonuses for this Brawl battle. At the same time, the interest of Liquidity Pool 1.282SPS was withdrawn, and half of the SWAP.HIVE remaining when the DEC was withdrawn from the Pool earlier was exchanged for 4073.5DEC, and then put into the Liquidity Pool again.


累積利息 / Accumulated interest

int claim.PNG

利息提取記錄 / Interest Withdrawal Record

sps sell.PNG

dec buy.PNG

買賣SPS和DEC記錄 / SPS and DEC trading record.


獎勵金池經過共18次的獎勵發放後, 結餘只有6.958SWAP.HIVE和4908.212DEC。故此下一次公會戰開始將暫停發放公會戰獎勵金。

After a total of 18 reward distributions in the reward pool, the balance is only 6.958SWAP.HIVE and 4908.212DEC. Therefore, the distribution of Brawl battle rewards will be suspended at the start of the next Brawl.


招募新成員 / Recruit new members

Peakmonster [Asia]公會現正招募新成員, 申請者必須為遊戲的日常玩家, 銀牌聯賽或以上及擁有最少50000CP。
RP bonus 最多9%
Shop discount 最多5% Off
MERIT bonus +60%

我們現時有空缺, 我們在尋找活躍和有實力的玩家加入。

有興趣加入者請於本文章中留言, 並註明你的遊戲內名稱。合格者我們將會個別通知。

The Peakmonster [Asia] guild is now recruiting new members, applicants must be regular players of the game, Silver League or above and have at least 50,000 CP.
Join the guild benefits:
RP bonus up to 9%
Shop discount up to 5% Off
MERIT bonus +60%
And the above-mentioned top 5 rewards for guild members participating in guild battles.

We currently have vacancies and we are looking for active and capable players to join.

If you are interested in joining, please leave a message in this article and indicate your in-game name. Qualified candidates will be notified individually.


報告結束, 多謝各位閱覽, 下次再見。

It is the end of the report. Thank you for your reading and see you next time.

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