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The LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR lead my team to victory in a recent battle. I knew that this powerful monster would be the key to my success, and I was determined to make the most of its unique abilities.

My strategy was to make use of LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR's Void Shield ability, which gives him immunity to magic attacks, and Giant Killer ability that deals double damage to monsters with 10 or more mana. I knew that this would give me a huge advantage in the battle, as the opposing team would be unable to get past his shields.

I placed LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR in the front line, where he could engage and take out the opposing team's giant monsters which were expected in the 99 Mana battle. My plan worked perfectly, as LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR took down Uriel the Purifier health by 8 points with first blow using the Giant Killer ability. LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR took everything the opposing team was able to produce as he was resurrected by River Hellondale, never letting the enemy to get past his shields.

The opposing team was relentless, and they threw everything they had at LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR, but his Void Shield ability proved to be a game-changer. Despite taking a lot of magic damage and melee damage, LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR was able to hold his own and keep the enemy at bay.

In the end, LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR team emerged victorious, leading my team to a hard-fought victory. I couldn't have been more proud of my powerful monster, and I knew that I had made the most of its unique abilities to achieve victory.


Here the key to winning this battle was the Void Shield and Giant Killer abilities of:


Legionnaire Alvar Leads my Team to Win the Battle


Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Void Armor

The Ruleset


The Strategy

As a player of Splinterlands, I am always looking for ways to gain an edge in battles, and in a recent 99 mana battle, I found a winning strategy using my LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.

My strategy was to take advantage of LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR's Giant Killer ability, which deals double damage to monsters with 10 or more mana. I knew that in a 99 mana battle, it was likely that the opposing team would have a giant monster in their front line. By placing LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR in the front line, I could take out that giant monster quickly and effectively.

His Void Shield ability protects LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR from magic and melee attacks. Additionally, I included River Hellondale in my team to resurrect LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR if he falls in battle. This combination of abilities and monster, allowed me to handle all types of damage and keep LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR on the field the whole battle.

The battle began and as expected the opposing team had a giant monster in the front line. LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR used his Giant killer ability to take out a lot of health (8 hit points) from the giant monster, dealing double damage and taking it out quickly. The opposing team was caught off guard and this move gave my team a significant advantage.

The opposing team tried to take out LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR with magic and melee attacks but his Void shield protected him from the damage and River Hellondale brought him back to life when he fell. With LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR leading the charge, my team emerged victorious.

This strategy of using LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR's Giant Killer ability to take out the front monster that is expected to be a giant combined with his void shield ability to handle magic and melee attacks, along with the resurrect from River Hellondale proved to be a winning combination in this 99 mana battle.

The Summoner

Quix The Devious is a dragon summoner that slows all enemy monsters and reduces their ranged attack by one.

1st Slot - Tank

LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR is a powerful monster card in the Splinterlands game. It belongs to the Neutral splinter and has unique abilities that make it a valuable addition to any player's lineup.

2nd Slot - Reach Monster

Carnage Titan is a reach monster that is great for high mana battles

3rd Slot - Magic Damage Dealer Monster

Nerissa Tridawn is a great monster to use in high mana battles, she has 4 magic damage and 11 health

4th Slot - Resurrect Monster

River Hellondale is important due to the resurrect and inspire abilities

5th Slot - Shield Provider

Venari Wavesmith provides the whole team a shield and also deals 3 magic damage

6th Slot - Ranged Damage Dealer

Axemaster deals 3 ranged damage twice a very useful monster even when not maxed out.

The Battle


Round 2:


Round 3:


Round 4:


Round 5:


And it is all over for the opposing team!