In the world of Splinterlands, Nerissa Tridawn is a force to be reckoned with. As an epic monster card of the water splinter, she boasts impressive magic attack capabilities and high speed and health stats. Despite her lack of abilities at max level, Nerissa's ability to survive longer in battle than other magic attackers makes her a valuable and versatile card for players.

As a member of the water splinter, Nerissa Tridawn is particularly powerful in water-based battles. Her high speed and health stats allow her to outlast her opponents, making her a valuable addition to any player's collection.

But, rarity and value also come with this card, as an epic card, Nerissa Tridawn is relatively rare and highly sought after by players. Her versatility and strength in battle make her a valuable asset for players looking to dominate in the water splinter.

Here the Nerissa Tridawn is used as a tank, which is not a common strategy in Splinterlands, check out how I won the battle using as a tank:


Using Nerissa Tridawn as a Tank to win a battle!



Rarity: EPIC

Element: WATER

Attack: MAGIC

Abilities: Unfortunately Nerrisa Tridawn doesn't have any abilities even at the max level. My version is only level 5 so it is maxed out for the Gold League

The Ruleset


The Strategy

My strategy here was to outlast the opponent using Triage, Heal and Resurrect abilities combined with constant chipping away at the opponent team.

The Summoner


Kelya Frendul is one of my favorite summoners, it provides +1 speed and +1 shield to all monsters. I recall when it first came out people didn't quite get the usefulness of this summoner and it was one of the cheapest Chaos legion summoners. Now it is one of the most expensive rare Chaos summoners.

1st Slot - Tank

Nerissa Tridawn is usually place in the back of the lineup, however here I place it as a tank and she serves very well in that capacity!

2nd Slot - Inspire and Resurrection Monster

River Hellondale is a legendary monster that is very useful to resurrect a monster and it also gives +1 to all of the melee monsters on the team. Once again I have not had a chance to max this monster out for the Diamond league.

3rd Slot - Support Monster

Merdaali Guardian is a low mana support monster that repairs shield and heals the tank additionally increasing health of the whole team by +1

4th Slot - Triage, Dispel and Blind Monster

Spirit Hoarder is a great neutral support monster that heals backline monsters and blinds the opposing team increasing their chance of missing. At 3 mana cost this great monster can be also used in the little leagues ruleset

5th Slot - Sneak with Poison

Uraeus is one of my favorite modern rewards cards. It has poison and shield and is fast enough to do some damage and can be used in the little leagues ruleset. Uraeus

6th Slot - Fast Sneak

Pelacor Bandit is one of my favorite sneak monsters. It also comes from the modern rewards set and has flying ability.

The battle


This was a long battle with lots of triage healing and repair as well as a resurrect on each side and finally in the round 4 each team lost the backline monster. In my case it was a Pelacor Bandit and the opponent lost the Angelic Mandarin:


In Round 10 we finally see the opposing team loosing their Pelacor Bandit:


And in Round 12 my opponent looses 2 more monsters: Uraeus and Merdaali Guardian:


At this point it is starting to look like a victory, but their tank is still holding strong, but by round 14 it is all over:


And the victory is all ours: