New favourite duo - Earth Splinter



So as we all know, the new meta is magic earth splinter, gone are the days of me using shielded water magic builds, and now it is time for the healing magic of nature!!!

I won't pretend that getting used to the new cards or the new meta has been easy for me, because frankly its been a nightmare. I have found myself stuck in bronze with silver being just out of sight, until recently. I started really making an effort to learn at least one splinter, and why not get myself into the meta for now, niche builds come later. If i can win with the meta into silver, i can experiment more there with different builds and can remain confident that i'll have achieved what i want to achieve each season. And with that i give you Venari Knifer and Goblin Psychic!!!


To start things off we have this beautiful card. Now of course 6 mana is not always the most budget friendly, but for your mana you're getting a solid health pool and passable attack, and its wicked fast.

This would make for a solid front line tank on its own, but then comes in that handy little trap that is Thorns. At level 1, 7 hp is a reasonable amount to defend against any melee attacker that throws themselves at you, with thorns hitting back and severely harming any that attempt to harm this little mouse. With the speed and attack of this card as they are, you often find yourself going first, taking out any shields that the enemy tanks may have, resulting in that thorns damage going straight for their health. And anything that lacks a shield could well die thanks to its own attack against you. At higher levels, this just gets more intense as your own attack and speed increase.

Now with that speed increase also comes a handy little skill called Backfire. You may find yourself up against slow melee cards that just can't seem to hit you, with that insane speed of 6 at level 8+, swinging and missing, taking a whoping 2 damage for their efforts. Now this may not seem like much, but a miss means damage, a hit means damage, and with that health pool, your turn comes around time and time again for more damage. Nothing will outlast the knifer, because its close friend wont ever let it die.


Let me introduce to you, the Goblin Psychic!!!
Healer extraordinaire!!!
Now of course the gimmick here is that youre always healing the tank and hitting hard with that lovely magic attack stat. Though its attack remains consistantly at 2 through the levels, woth the right summoner youll be hitting a solid 3 attack at even level 1, which is no joke when tanks are damaging themselves against your tank already.

The speed leaves something to be desired, but frankly that works in your favour. By the time this cards turn comes round, you'll be healing Vennari right back up there and reducing the competition for the next round. This means hopefully less healing needed as the maych goes on. And as you climb the levels the health pool just jumps right up there, reaching a staggering 7 hp for what is essentially a backline healer.

Now the beauty of this card is that while its stats all jump right up as it levels, so do its skills. At level 4 we gain affliction, so no more heals on the enemy team!! Level 7 is silence, because there needs only be one top dog in the magic world. And finally at level 10 we have dispel, which frankly once youre at that level, there are so many skills all over the place, its bound to come in handy all the time.

These two cards play off eachother really well thanks to how they burn through melee cards, and anything else can be beaten through sheer force.

Personally i have been using them both at level 3 for the best chance of winning, but against other leveled teams they do just as well. And as part of a fully rounded team there are so so many options to be had to play off their strengths.

And for anyone who uses the earth splinter and struggles against the monster that is Unicorn Mustang, this set up will see you crushing everyone who uses that blasted horse against you.

Let me know how you fair if you use these cards im always eager to learn and grow and this is how beat to do so :) peace!