senojuro's splinterlands 2021


it was a longtime since my last blog, last time i've post about the best card i got from the untamed pack, but i will not talk about it as i already sell it that time also i don't want to look for it's price right now as it makes feel that i lost a lot 😭

it's ok, it's already past. lets proceed to what i wanted to say.

this is my tweet last january.


the market price of my asset that time is only $365.05 USD with the total card burn value of 140795

now look at my card value.


it's now worth $13,838.85 USD as of today sept. 13 2021, in just 8 months it got more than 30x, with those i also earn sps from airdrop, and still earning DEC from the game.

i can't believe that my asset would reach this high but this is what play to earn is, if you starts playing you won't stop playing it, that's splinterlands.