Season 109 Splinterlands Recap - Level 2 Summoner Account Earnings and Performance Review


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As another season wrapped up, it's time to take a look and reflect on my account performance and the overall trend. My account is a level 2 summoner bronze League account. I have played this account as high as gold one in season passed and maintain a win-loss ratio of around one. As this season comes to a close I played a slightly different strategy this season by staying in silver for the entire season and not pushing to gold. I will still earning gold chests due to my prior season rank but I thought I could earn more silver chests each day, and earn a relatively number same number of gold chests due to the higher reward points per win given my card levels. Let's take a look at how I did and my plans for next season



What performance has a slight uptick this season from fire season. This is due to staying in silver and being more competitive. My win-loss ratio moved back up to 1.2 after falling below 1.0 for the last two seasons. I think this improved the experience on my end from playing as well as my ability to earn a lot of silver chests each day. I think I'll continue to stay in silver for the most of the season, and see how it plays out. There might be a case for moving to gold on the last day or two but I'll have to consider after a few seasons in silver.

Season Rewards


My season rewards were a mixed result. The total season was actually fairly solid. That is completely due to my season chests. Where I managed to pull two epics, a gold foil, and two chaos legion packs. Before that I was exceptionally disappointed most of the season as it seemed that my chests were almost worthless most of the season giving me very low merit, very low sps, and potions only. It was very hard to get any cards in chests, and I didn't pull any chests that had a large number of cards. That might be a big negative to playing in the silver league and getting chests for gold. I'm feeling as if it might have been better to stay in gold and get fewer chests but still earn more cards.


There are a few highlights. The 2 cast packs, gold foil and the epics are clearly my highlights. The rest seems pretty par for the course and until I am able to upgrade summoners or sell these cards they are just accumulating in my account for now.

  • 2 CHAOS Packs
    I added these chaos packs with the rest of my other chaos packs that I have earned. I am up to 9 Cass legion packs that I'm holding and don't intend to open. It's very difficult not to open these packs but I think they'll be worth more long-term, and help me build out my collection as new cards are released if I sell them and buy the new cards I need.
  • GF Common Ferox Defender
    Great gold foil card, and while I already have it it can either be rented out eventually or sold. Gold foil is always nice to pull and helps the collection grow over time.
  • EPIC Clockwork Aide
    This is a new card for me and I think it'll come in quite handy. I played against it a few times and he added speed can be quite troublesome when added to otherwise already very fast cards with Dodge or flying abilities.
  • EPIC Everyn Auvera
    Already had this epic card, it is one of the best epics in my mind since it has immunity and is exceptionally useful in game types where monster start off and poisoned.

Earnings Stats and Graphs


High level of view I think my account is performing fairly consistently. The value earned has really stayed within a relative range for the past four seasons and is starting to get normalized. My total SPS is also getting normalized around the 50 to 55 range, and there's not much more I can do about that. The total number of cards I've gotten is also gone up since the change in rewards towards soulbound and that's been a little bit more fun.

  • Earnings
    It was nice to get over $5 this season, after that's clearly driven by the two SPS packs alone. Without those SPS packs it's highly unlikely that I would have had much in rewards at all. Either way the last four seasons has been right around $5 on average and that's a decent benchmark as I look forward and plan my account strategy
  • SPS
    It seems that I'm going to earn about 50 SPS each season unless I get very lucky and pull a massive chest. Well not a lot of sps, when combined with a few brawl wins it might push towards a hundred for me to add to my staking.
  • Cards
    Walmart rewards felt awful all season, they ended up being right in line with the last four. I'm not sure if this is due to the gold chests at the end of the season or if I had better results throughout the season and it just felt bad.

About half of my cards came from the 41 gold chests at the end of the season. Versus the 111 silver chests I opened.

Win/Loss and Chests Won


You can see clearly that I focused on silver chest this season versus the prior season of Gold chests. Season 110 should be 100% gold chests and it will be interesting to see what happens to my earnings and card openings. Overall I think it was a fairly good strategy. It was nice to see my win lost ratio again after falling for the past couple of seasons I think playing in silver is very advantageous and I'll have to consider to do.

Overall summary

I decided not to move to gold in the last day, while I started in silver one this season and will earn silver chests for an end of season reward, I'm hoping I can get a lot of chests to make up for the lower value. The worst part about restarting was that I started in silver one, right at the very bottom and lost a few matches and went into bronze. Bronze is a pure hellhole wasteland it should not exist where everything is determined by RNG and you lose 33 ranking points while only winning 10. It took me majority of the day and all of my battle tokens just to get back into silver.

Decided to NOT move into Gold at all.

It'll be interesting to see how not moving to gold impacts my chests and my earnings. If I have a significant drop at the end of this season by doing 100% silver chests I will have to consider season 11 moving into gold at the end again.

Card buying slowed in April - Still working to level up Riftwatchers

  • Not sure about GF anymore,
    Well I was looking at spending a fairly significant amount of money upgrading my wrist watchers Commons and rears to build foil I no longer convinced I will do that. I think it'll be better for me to just buy the non-gold foil versions and get them to the correct level, and then buy some of the epics that I'm missing for summoners. While summoners may not seem very powerful at the moment it's always those new game rule sets that will turn a otherwise not important seminary to key.
  • Starting to save for the next group of cards
    I'm starting to try to develop strategy for the next edition of cards as it's always difficult to afford the upgrades. I will be buying cards 100% off the market and will be trying to stay away from opening packs. I think my poor luck in the past just reinforces the idea that pack openings are fun way to gamble for those who have a lot of resources. If you're just trying to play a deck rentals and find individual cards is going to be best.

I hope your season went well and your rewards were bountiful. I know some of my guild members managed to pull a gold foil legendary from the free pack, but that luck has never been for me. Luckily it's nice to see that other people have good luck.

Let me know if you think it's a good idea for me to play in silver, or to move to gold and earn gold season chests.