Season 110 Splinterlands Recap - Level 2 Summoner Account Earnings and Performance Review Playing in Silver 1


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It's time to take a look at another season in splinterland and review my performance, my earnings, and my plans for the next season. This season was the first season I have stayed in silver for a very long time and I think it has some interesting results.



This season I saw a significant increase in my win loss ratio. And I also played a significantly higher number of games. I actually drained my energy so low that I had to buy probably 50 to 60 matches throughout the season as I pushed hard to earn my daily chests. Once I was able to get to the silver one I pushed pretty hard to earn anywhere between 10 and 15 chests a day and see what I could build for the end of the season. It was nice to get my win-loss ratio back over 1.5, both from a performance perspective but also from an enjoyment perspective. It was much more likely for me to be highly competitive and when matches but not be completely blown out or lose so many in a row. I think it lends to staying in silver as long as possible again.

Season Rewards


The first glance these rewards don't look too bad. You see a lot of cards, and a nice mix of gold foil in there but as you look closer I'm actually quite disappointed. The value of my rewards was shockingly low this season and probably only 30% on average. My average season earnings for the past few seasons had probably been around four and a half to five and a half dollars. This was largely due to the packs that I managed to pull from either daily quests for season chests but I didn't get any packs this season.

Out of 205 silver chests, I got zero packs, zero big SPS chests, zero big merit chests, zero legendary cards and only one epic card. That is a shockingly poor number of total valuable assets. I would have thought that would 205 silver chests I would have pulled a little bit better.


While there isn't much to write about, let's review the few highlights that we have.

  • I did manage to pull five common gold foil cards. These are probably the best highlight or second best highlight.
  • The second highlight I guess I would call out would be the fact that I pulled 14 summoners. While I still don't have enough summoners to make a level 2 water. I'm only one way, and the rest of these will probably be the most valuable cards I pulled assuming one day I can transfer them and there is enough demand for them
  • The third highlight is I believe I had an increase in battle SPS for my high win ratio and less wasted battles without winning.

Earnings Stats and Graphs


  • Earnings
    This graph shows a stark reality of what happened this past season. My earnings went to essentially nothing compared to prior seasons where it had a nice solid average of $5. I'm unsure if this is what I can expect, or a fluke. If I don't see a change throughout this next season I will have to reconsider what I do moving forward. I currently don't have enough SPS to move out of silver when that changes implemented
  • SPS
    It looks to me that I had a nice little bump in SPS earned, and some of that came from battles as worthy chests seem to be right in line with what I've gotten in average.
  • Cards
    Well it like I got a lot more chests, the quality of the chests in silver was significantly lower. I actually did not increase my total card tank by playing in silver and getting more chests since the chests in silver seem to have many more copies of a card in each chest. It's not to say that I did worse but it was not the big increase that I thought it might be. I did manage to get a fairly substantial amount of gold foil cards versus a prior couple of seasons.

Win/Loss and Chests Won


As you can see I give up on gold chests this season and only had silver. 205 silver chests felt pretty good and it takes me back to what I was playing probably 10 to 20 seasons ago. Overall it's a decent number of chests but in last night earnings pick up I'm not sure

I also saw a very nice increase in my win-loss ratio, definitely trending in the right direction and something I'll have to try to continue to stay focused on as it makes my experience much more anyway

Overall summary

I believe I'm staying in silver this season at least until the last 2 to 3 days where if needed I will jump up to gold just for the final few days and end in gold 2. Think this will help the start of my next season as well as maybe earn me higher to your chests until they roll out the SPs requirements.

the new SPS requirements have me questioning my direction

Simply put I highly doubt I'll be able to invest enough into SPS to double my steak to get into gold 3 let alone gold 2.

Given the anticipated cost of having to buy the new deck of cards that will be released I'm unsure how much longer I'll be able to pile in money versus My Hope of building and playing enough to self-sustain a relatively complete modern deck. While I'm completely willing to sell my older cards at this point it's not generating enough money and assets to buy up the next set of cards for provide me with a clear path forward. I'll have to keep all of my options open but I do enjoy playing so I can hopefully keep some sort of deck active even if it's not as competitive or is complete.

I am hoping all the decisions I am making now, turn out to be the right ones, and allow be to continue to grow and build my deck to compete.


Fascinating charts as I need to look at again. By the way those amount of Soul Bound cards for end of season is pretty sweet. I couldn't even get 3 gold foils and I was in gold league !LOL

thanks for sharing !WINE