Splinterlands Monster Highlight Featuring a Gold Foil Lichen Beast, enraging its way to victory.


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Featuring Bronze League Summoner and Monsters in Action!

I am back this week highlighting another monster showcase. I like to use these posts to highlight monsters that I have recently found extremely useful in a match that may have been a significant reason for my victory or finally finding a use for a card that I have otherwise to struggled to use frequently. This week's birthday is one of the new rift watchers cards, Lichen Beast.

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Weekly Challenge - Lichen Beast

Rarity: COMMON
Element: EARTH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: ENRAGE
Health: 7
Speed: 2
Attack: 3

Reasons Why I like it

There's a lot to like with this card. For only 5 mana you get a two melee attack card that has base one speed and seven health. It becomes much more powerful with the enrageability giving it a significant stat boost once it takes some damage as it gains 50% more melee and speed. The only real downsides to this card are it's not well protected with armor or any abilities to cause a miss. And it's melee ability is not strong enough to do much damage to Shield or heavily armored monsters but all in all it's all about its card for 5 mana

The Matchup - Where Rules Sets, Splinters and Mana Collide

The Rule Sets


Watch the Match Here


MANA: 12

Ruleset: Unprotected: All armor is removed from monsters and one cannot gain armor.

SPLINTERS: Water, Earth, Life, Dragon

Initial Rule Set and Mana Gameplay Thoughts

** Rulesets
Having all the monsters lose their armor opens up the possibilities of using some of those cards that are a bit more melee heavy. But on the armor I don't have to worry about having to get through the armor, or not having enough damage to break through if these repair.

  • Mana
    12 minutes is going to make this extremely difficult to play. I'm fearful my appointment will go heavy dragon and use thorns but without the armor it becomes less attractive. I also feel like water and Earth if using magic become a little less attractive. This is going to be an interesting lineup no matter what my phone fix
    ** Splinters
    I personally think you could make a decent team with any of the lineups, and probably mostly just depends on your current play style and available cards. I'm choosing to play Earth and focus on the mailing cards
  • Summoner oBSIDIAN
    Clearly this is a mistake on my part, I am burning an extra mana for no additional benefit to my team. I clearly should have picked wizard of Eastwood to save one mana and be able to pick up additional cards.
  • First Position VENARI MARKSRAT

I have yet to level this card up on purpose. I feel like having it be only two health is ideal since anymore health only means it takes longer before providing that water boost. The water boost is what I'm going after so I want it to happen

  • Second Position LICHEN BEAST
    My idea is to give this a boost to speed and melee damage prior to it getting enraged which should help boost it to even more. If you can increase the speed the damage to three then when it's arranged it will go to five

  • Third Position FUNGUS FIEND

This is purely a blocker for any opportunity or sneak cart and they may choose I want to protect the beast as long as possible and not have a gift before it makes it to the front row

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

  • Summoner MOTHER KHALA
    This is a great choice as my opponent will get in additional health for each card and it only cost him three mana
    Solid choice for a first card, would be much better if it was a level three that had void but even at level one it will take some damage.
    Another decent play that would be better at level 3 but even here it will absorb some attacks while it's attacking monsters do
  • DAX PARAGON solid choice for only two mana, it's magic was for health will do very well
  • CELESTIAL HARPY smart play for opportunity here. While it's attack might be low it will also attack my lowest health cards and make it more difficult for me
  • STITCH LEECH also playing a sneaker card. This is one of the better life cards in my opinion for only three men and it does to damage on the snake
    Looks like they are also playing a 09 blocker on the back.

Round 1


Starts things look exceptionally even to me and the thing that jumps out the most to me is that it is a five monster versus 3 months of teen, and two of my monsters will die very quickly leaving me really only one as the first round plays out things go exactly like planned for Venrai Markscrat getting taken out first in providing the boost through martyr to Lichen Beast. Quickly for me with the new increased at its first attack also secures my first knockout as it takes out scrapper. Round ends with me losing my rear tank and ending with only one part versus.

Round 2


It looks like I am a bit overwhelmed in on the matched. Luckily for me with my increased stats I am able to secure my second knockout on KS agent on the first attack of round two. Unfortunately for me this also means that my opponent now needs to do three straight attacks on me. Luckily for me my increase speed causes a mess for stitch bleach saving me to health.

Round 3


Around three starts and I secure another knockout on my turn bringing them down to three cards. The round finishes with everyone making contact on your tax and I sustained some health damage bringing me down to four

Round 4


Good news is I start to round by getting another knockout, the even better news is the fact that I created another Miss for stitch leech with my increase speed. This is the second Miss I am done on a 40% Miss rng.

Round 5


After my opponent missed things are looking very good, I secure a knockout to start around on the stitch leech bring it down to 1v1 monsters. I clearly have enough power and speed to make this a guaranteed victory.

Round 6


It's over, it's around just needs to start so I can attack first and get my victory.

Thoughts - and Chances to Win Again

Clearly my odds of winning were not as good as they are traditionally in these lineups. Only a 63% chance to win means that much of my chances of winning were to do with the mrs. If I were able to get unlucky with ing and they were getting hits each time and I'm likely to lose. I think there is better lineups for me to pick in the future to put the odds better in my favor


Fixing my Mistakes - Jumps to 93%


Replace Obsidian with Wizard of Eastwood
Add Mycelic Morphoid

After making one simple tweak to my lineup by replacing my cylinder with one that doesn't cost an extra mana, it allows me to put my ceiling more fit in. For only one mana it provides and copious amount of benefit with its low health and thorns. It will be a great Target for sneak and or opportunity cards and knock it out or at least two damage from its thorns. After making this change you can see that my probability to win those up 30% into 93%. This is clearly a better lineup in one that I would consider using again in the future.




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Way to power up that beast! Lichen Beast is a great card!