Splinterlands Monster Highlight Featuring Orella Abadon dominating Little League!

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Featuring Bronze League Summoner and Monsters in Action!

I'm back to highlight another fantastic battle in monster this week. This time I am going to highlight Orella Abandon as it smashes its way through my opponents. This is one of the cards that I have not used to too often, but I thought that this was a battle worth sharing and was excited to see it work out so well.

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Weekly Hghlight - Orella Abadon

Edition: GLADIUS
Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: SNEAK
Abilities" BLOODLUST
Health: 2
Speed: 3
Attack: 2

Reasons Why I like it

I think that it is a superb card for fire. Given that fire has always historically been pretty melee focused a two minute card with two melee three-speed and two health that adds another sneak and bloodlust card can be quite useful. This gives four or five different cards under 4 mana that have a two base attack before any boosts from the summer. I think the only risk is its low health leads it to be a target for opportunity but otherwise if it can secure a knockout and start to build with blood loss it can become devastating

The Matchup - Where Rules Sets, Splinters and Mana Collide

The Rule Sets


Watch the Match Here


MANA: 33

Ruleset: Are you Not Entertained?: One additional Gladiator card may be used in battles

Ruleset: Little League: Only monsters and summoners which have a mana cost of 4 or less may be used.

SPLINTERS: Fire, Death

Initial Rule Set and Mana Gameplay Thoughts

  • Rulesets
    Little league is always tough. Clearly more Amanda then I can use but the limited number of cards and the forced low health and typically low attack makes it more difficult together. While most sprinters can put together a fairly good team I always feel that each lineup built is significantly weak against one to two the other splinters and typically a crap shoot which way your opponent goes.

The additional rule set of are you not entertained and allowing a Gladius card is interesting but limited due to little league. There are a few cards that can come into play but many of them will be excluded for being too high in mana.

  • Mana
    Mana is basically it probably been to considering the Little League rule set and it won't come into play here none of us will get even close to 53
  • Splinters
    It comes down to fire or death. I think I can build a better attacking team out of fire and I can with death. While I seem to be beating by death Little League teams I never seem to be able to put together a winning combination that doesn't get countered.
  • Summoner TARSA
    I think it's a great choice as it gives plus one health Plus One melee. This helps out the majority of the cards that I'll be using and it will help all cards with the health boost. I think it's the most logical choice.

  • First Position ANTOID PLATOON
    Classic Little League tank. It's Shield helps protect it from melee and raise the tax and since magic cards are more limited you don't have to worry as much about those.

  • Second Position VENARI MARKSRAT
    I put it second to have it take any snipe or splash damage. Ideally it would be targeted first by an opportunity card and knocked out to give both my tank and second position card to boost

  • Third Position XENITH MONK
    The monk is a clear choice, especially after getting boosted by both the seminar and hopefully the Martyr card.

  • Fourth Position ORELLA ABADON
    Putting it Force makes sense to me as it is not the lowest health card, and it should not be targeted until the 3rd opportunity strike. This will hopefully give it to time to start to build stats and not become a target. It will be a base three attack into three health after the summoner boosts which is pretty powerful for two men

  • Fifth Position URAEUS
    Another great three men card, three health three attack and one armor after the summoner boosts

  • Sixth Position SPARK PIXIES
    Kind of terrible luck playing this card, but it has one of the fastest attacks available plus fine which makes it harder to hit. I tend to see it in most Little League matches

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

  • Summoner TARSA
    It appears my opponent thinks very similar that I do and pulls the identical card to mine.
    I'm unsure why they played this first other than maybe they're trying to have it Dodge and miss a bunch of melee and ranged attacks.
  • PARASITIC GROWTH a very solid opportunity card especially after the boost. To damage on opportunity, especially when there's multiple can be devastating
  • ANTOID PLATOON I think it's a mistake here, I think they clearly meant to put this in first position.
  • SCAVO FIREBOLT very solid choice, and one that maybe I should have considered. It's a little bit slower, but has more health and could take a few more hits before being knocked out.
  • XENTIH MONK not bad as a secondary rear tank. He can help fend off some of the sneak attacks as well as do well once it moves to the front position.
  • SERPENTINE SPY hard to have a lineup without this card. Opportunity and three melee damage is astounding at this level. It's a great play.

Round 1


Before the game starts, I'm feeling pretty confident but mostly due to the order of my opponents lineup and not the actual cards they picked. I think if they ordered them better I would be a bit more concerned but right now things are looking really solid. As the round starts the fastest monsters will attack first and I get lucky enough to get my first knockout on my first attack. This continues my luck as the star of the show Orella of course my second knockout on the second attack of the match and triggers bloodlust boost. This means it's now at 4 speed, four attack, for health which is really big for this level. As the rest of the round plays out we trade flows and I score one more knockout.

Round 2


Round one was pretty big for me and the face of the game is sort of changed. Has round two starts Orella of course it's the second knockout on turn number two, give it yet another boost to level five steps all around. It is now a absolute killing machine. As the round plays out there are some mystic attacks but I don't think they play into the outcome at all

Round 3


Before the round even starts things look heavily weighted in my favor. This certainly doesn't change after Orella scores another knockout and gets boosted to six damage, six health, 6 speed. That's absolutely bonkers her car that only cost two men. Unfortunately for my opponent they don't even make it out of the third round as I had a perfect match and didn't lose a single monster.

Thoughts - and Chances to Win Again

Clearly I am favored to win every single time. Finding situations where I am a 100% likely repeat Victor is great. I think it was clearly the order of my cards that I set up that were a big benefit. I put around my opponent's line up and I was able to boost them somewhere between 5 and 8% a chance to win. I assume this is largely due to me getting very poor RNG and missing on a bunch of low percentage misses. I think I built a fairly powerful lineup and I would definitely use Orella begin in Little League fire matches. It might be my new go to as if it can get even one knockout then it starts to become an absolute wrecking Ball.