Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge DRAGONS



Showcasing another bronze account strategy featuring dragon splinter.

I was excited to see the dragon challenge because the dragon splinter is probably one of the most powerful splinters. It has some of the strongest cards and allows you to pull in another splinter for additional support. Given the right rule set the high attack cards can build you a very strong lineup to contend. Wow I don't play dragon too often while focusing on my daily quests it is certainly a very strong splinter if you're searching for the optimal lineups.

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Weekly Challenge ALL THE DRAGONS!!!


Quix The DeviousDjinn ChwalaTwilight BasliskVoid Dragon
EditionChaos LegionRewardRewardChaos Legion
AbilitiesSummoner -1 Speed -1RangeThronsReachFlying, Void

**Reasons Why I like them **
Honestly looking at each one of the cards I picked they are all very strong. I'm starting with the seminar that reduces your opponent's speed and ranged attack, to Djinn Chwalla with all the armor and thorns, these cards are very well balanced. When you add in the reach of Twilight Basilisk, and speed flying and void of Void Dragon it was a great foundation for the team. There's really no downside in these monsters, the biggest downside to plane dragons is the summoner buffs or debuffs and most of my summoners don't provide that much additional value.

The Matchup

The Rule Sets


Watch the Match Here


MANA: 36

Ruleset: Heavy Hitters: All monsters gain the Knock Out ability.

Ruleset: Tis but Scratches: All Monsters have the Cripple ability.

Ruleset: Up to Eleven: All Monsters have the Amplify ability.

SPLINTERS: Water, Earth, Life, Dragon

Initial Rule Set and Mana Gameplay Thoughts

There is so much going on in his matchup it is hard to know where to start. I think I'll start with a man account of 36. 36 is just enough to set a relatively solid lineup of five to six monsters and have some flexibility, but not every monster you want. There are so many monsters now that cost 9 plus mana that would be very useful that you're limited to the man account.

The three rule sets are a lot to take in. Up to 11 means that they'll most likely be some monsters playing with thorns to try to deliver that three damage from thorn attacks. I also expect there to be multiple stun monsters out there given heavy hitters and the ability to deliver a punishing blow if you happen to stun the opponent. Last but not least the tis but scratches is a very difficult rule set to counter since each successful attack regardless of armor or Shield reduces the monsters health by one more or less negating some of those attributes. To the scratches all so seems to give likely to monsters a boost even if they don't do any damage, they still get a plus one due to the full set.

    I want to attack first and in bunches, I'm not sure if they'll actually play very many range attack monsters but the minus one speed is worth the extra mana

  • First Position DJINN CHWALA
    Heavily armored with thorns, and three melee things this is my favorite tank. The fact of thorns will do an additional damage is only icing on the cake

  • Second Position TWIGHT BASILISK
    I saw the little reach card doing two damage with an armor while not a super powerful card it's not bad for second position with a little extra protection.

  • Third Position VOID DRAGON
    Could be pretty strong with speed and go ahead and flying making it harder to hit while giving me a little bit of magic attack. Just attack is not as strong but hopefully if I can get a stunner to it will be doubled

  • Fourth Position RUNESLINGER
    Love the fact that it's so fast plus gives me the stand that I'm hoping to have so I can do double damage on every attack

    Hoping to try to heal my tanks and second and third cards for as long as I can.

  • Sixth Position DUMACKE EXILE
    One of my favorite new cards, it's high armor speed and attack damage with sneak means it can really wreak havoc on the back of a lineup while taking quite a few hits itself

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

  • Summoner KELYA FRENDUL solitaire is giving its additional speed and armor stats pretty much expected to see it.
  • WAVE BROOD pretty solid choice considering that it has taunt and everyone will attack it first leaving the rest of the monsters to do work.
  • TIDE BITER solid choice high speed reach attack monster
  • DEEPLURKER hard to play any water line up without deep liquor giving its speed and attack.
  • VENARI WAVESMITH the extra armor provides along with the magic attack might be really beneficial, that extra armor can be really difficult to get through sometimes
  • RIVER HELLONDALE decent card but not exactly sure if there were better options, it does do two magic and has resurrect but doesn't seem to be well suited for this lineup
  • MERDAALI GUARDIAN I get wanting to heal your tank especially want to talk but given the rules that I think it's unlikely to have a Major impact as all it takes is it Hank to be stunned before healing won't really matter.

Round 1


Taking a look at the two lines I will say I think my lineup is the prettiest lineup with almost all gold foil but other than that it's really hard for me to decipher just how it'll play out. I think the biggest thing that I'm happy about has the match starts is that I should have a significant speed boost advantage throughout the match.

Round one and get Lucky with RUNESLINGER getting this done on its first attack which means that the next before monsters to attack should be doing double damage. This provides me a significant boost in taking down the health and getting the initial knockout of wavebtood before it's resurrected.

Round 2


Going to starts off and I think things are looking really good well not much has changed I have managed to take away almost all the health of their big tank and I am lucky enough to get another stun on Tide Biter, and manage to knock out my second monster of the match.

Overall things are going very well but cripple is starting to take a pretty big impact on my tank

Round 3


Round three starts and I'm happy that I attack first allowing myself to get a third Stone in a row on deep lurker and preventing it from giving him attack allowing me to score a double knockout of both Meraali Guardians and Deeplurker. This double knockout was key and I think really would allowed me to secure the guaranteed victory.

Round 4


I did lose Djinn Chwalla last round but overall I still have plenty of monsters pull up a victory I managed to pull off another stun giving me stunts in four out of four rounds and provide any huge boost to my taxi again. This gives me another knockout this round leaving them with only one monster to finish off the ground.

Round 5


Clearly around is here but really not needed because there's no way I can lose at this point.

Thoughts - and Chances to Win Again


Taking a look at the team lineups matchups, while my cards were a little lower level in my opponents, my matchup against them was heavily my favor. My better approach to land a building and plane towards the game types and using stun and getting lucky on four for four stunt application allows me to pull up the victory and have my chances for success being at 88% I think the only way I lose it is if I get very unlucky with the stuns and don't get any boosts.

I really like the line if I picked and I think that life provided a really good balance to the dragon lineup for both providing a tank healer, and I'm really nice sneak monster in addition to runeslinger and it's done. I was contemplating some other lineups but I really felt life provided the best balance for the situation. This is Atlanta I'm going to have to remember when giving similar game styles in the future