Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - DRAGONS -Djinn Chwala In Bronze 3



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I am still struggling to slowly rebuild my deck - My goal is to build off level 2 summoners, and I am aiming towards keeping things at level 2, and hopefully getting a 1 BCX GF card, at least where I can afford. Right now that looks dubious at best given the current prices. I am not sure what to expect given the new packs now cost $4 a piece. I need new summoners, but I am waiting to see what Chaos brings, and how the game play changes when Beta is removed before making any decisions. AS it is, I am still struggling to get out of Bronze 3, while I play my daily. I can do better just going for the best line up, but I tend to try for the daily. Given the current rewards of almost all potions I may chance this and just play for points the rest of the season.

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Weekly Challenge - Dragons

Edition: ANY
Rarity: ANY
Element: DRAGON + ANY

For this challenge I picked Djinn Chwala


Djinn Chwala

This is a new card to my team. I used some recent sales and Dec earnings to go out and buy most of the newer Epic cards.

The reason I love this card is the Thorns ability even down in the Brone League. Given how low many cards health are I think the combination of thorns and shield and high health can single-handedly wipe out many teams. Since I cannot afford Mylar Crowling, this is the next best thing.

1 BCX Stats
5 Shield
9 Health
2 Melee Damage.

Djinn Chwala is a major tank. With the ability to do so much harm each round
All I need to do is support the card and see if I can health it long enough to take out the other team.

The Matchup

  • 15 Mana
  • All Splinters
  • Normal rule set.

I picked Kretch as my summoner - and in retrospect it was a bad idea. While it is a level 2 and can pull higher cards, all the cards used in this match were level 1. I would have been better off using Drake for the +1 Armor stat. I will have to pay closer attention next time.


  • First position Djinn Chwala
    Djinn Chwala - of course. Given the low mana of this game, I thought it might be very dominate against lower health cards while also doing damage against the opponents tank. It is a gamble will will be in close races against Living Lava without help from other cards.

  • Second Position Venari Crystalsmith
    I was limited here, and I wanted a healer thinking it might help. the new reward card Venari is great. While it costs 1 mana more than the beta healer, it also does 1 range damage even at level 1 and has a higher base speed. I was hoping it would stick around long enough to heal some magic damage or other damage if I got luckly

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

Fire - Fire is always a dominate play in low mana. I think almost all the matches I see in low mana are fire and death given the buff, debuffs, and cards that have tank heal at level 1. While I think its mostly a factor or cost, Mylor Crowling wipes the map when facing either of these, but luckily I don't see it often.

The line up selected is I have used my self. Cerberus, Kobold Minter, Spy, and Fire Beetle. Over all its a nasty lineup. I often go back and forth weighing speed vs increased melee damage. I tend to still prefer to use Malric for the +1 Melee given the low health. I will say as seen in this match, the speed plays a huge role if you can clear pieces before they ever get a turn.

Round 1

Cerberus attacks Djinn, doing 2 damage but taking 2 in turn from thorns. Then Serpentine Spy attacks Venari doing 2 damage, quickly followed by Fire beetle and Kolbold Minter also attacking Venari before it or Djinn getting a turn. At this point I was thinking I might have made a bad mistake in my line up. After Djinn does the attack for Cerberus of +2 Melee we close out the round. I was lucky I did have a 20% chance to miss, and that might have caused me issues in later rounds.

Round 2


4 on 1 sounds concerning. I am hoping to pull off the victory with Thorns!
Cerberus attacks, both giving and taking 2 damage!
Serpentine Spy blows another 2, but the 2 from thorns takes it out.
Fire beetle drops in for -1 and my health has been reduced for the first time
Kobold Miner is up next, but again, It gives 1 damage and takes 2 in return, knocking it out!!
Djinn attacks and again hits Cerberus... knocking it out!!!

That does it really. We are down to Djinn and Fire Beetle, and with the rule sets Fire Beetle can not attack so the game is over. It does take two more rounds to actually win (round 4) but it was over as soon as Cerberus was knocked out.


In low levels, thorns can be devastating. One attack is enough to knock a lot of cards out. I want to try to use Djinn in low mana standard matches. I will likely use Drake the next time for the boost to Armor, even considering the reduced levels it can pull at a level 1. I am thinking this will be a must for every deck playing in bronze.


How do you like to play Djinn?

I am looking forward to the new dragon summoner to see if it adds stats that are useful for my teams again. I loved Selenia and Daria and of course Kitty!!! I hope to see something along those lines in the new cards so I can get back on track.

Let me know your favorite what to use Djinn


Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily .



I can earn a little each day, and I can complete the daily. I tend to get too focus on forcing the daily and lose a lot of matches by trying to force it in, when it's sub optimal


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I like all the Djinn but Renova (Life) is probably the one I use the most. 3 Magic and +Health is pretty handy in most battles, especially if you go Dragon and use Delwyn.


I love that card. I find it in more and more of my line ups. The magic plus strengthen is a great combo. I will have took to see if it has enough health to be a tank in those low mana matches !PIZZA