Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge Franze Fuffmane plus Captain Katie combine for a huge win

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Another great bronze battle featuring Captain Katie and an unlikely victory.

I decided to share this battle this week because after leveling up my new life summoner which allows gladius cards to be played in ranked play I thought it was good way to show off the new wrinkles. then watching the match up I was impressed and thankful that I happen to have a level 2 Captain Katie at my disposal for just such matches. After the match and a devastation the captain laid down before her opponents I decided to share it in all the glory. Hopefully those who are just starting the game and play in the same bronze League cap brawls that I do can enjoy the match and potentially learn a few things or revel in my luck or provide sympathy for my unlucky opponent.

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Weekly Challenge - Captain Katie

Edition: GLADIUS
Rarity: RARE
Element: LIFE
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: SNIPE
Health: 7
Speed: 2
Attack: 3

Reasons Why I like it
This has to be one of my favorite gladius cards especially for the life splinter. It's basically a perfect blend for my playstyle. Having both a heavy magic damage of three with both snipe and bloodlust while having average speeds of two and above average health of 7 means it's an extremely useful card. Bloodlust can really start to add up if you can get a few knockouts where your magic attack starts to be uncommonly high and your speed and health will continue to increase.

The only drawback is at times it's seven mana can be a bit difficult to fit into some of the lower mana matches and at times I find myself forcing it when it doesn't need to be in the lineup.

The Matchup

The Rule Sets


Watch the Match Here


MANA: 23

Ruleset: Ferocity: All monsters have the Fury ability.

Ruleset: Close Range: Monsters with ranged attacks are allowed to attack in the first position.
Ruleset: Healed Out: All healing abilities are removed.

SPLINTERS: Life, Dragon

Initial Rule Set and Mana Gameplay Thoughts

Well first things about the match is really the limited splinters give only two options. Life or dragon. I figured life will get countered by dragon much of the time and blues a range attack which I wanted to avoid relying to heavily on. These three rules that combination was also a bit unique of a close range, healed out, and ferocity. I think the two that will come into play the most will be close range and healed out losing healing ability and allowing ranged monsters to attack him first position we'll have the biggest impact. I don't think it's likely to have cards with taunt in a lower mana match like this.

  • Summoner FRANZ RUFFMANE I had to pick this summer purely for the fact that I wanted to play with Captain Katie. It was a pretty easy one plus the additional boost of having an armor was welcome.

  • First Position PELACOR CONJURER
    My favorite not attacking tank. High speed, flying, decent health means that it is more than likely pretty hard to hit and take out in the first round. These things become extremely pesky for the opponent.

  • Second Position VENARI MARKSRAT
    Again not a traditional place for the lineup but with martry it's becoming more traditional in a sense. Everyone wants to get that additional stat boost to the power card that they want to be doing all the damage so I tend to see these being played more in the front of the lineups than I do in your rear.

  • Third Position CAPTAIN KATIE
    Starting the show. I damaged, snipe, soon to get boosted by martyr it should be a real go-getter.

  • Fourth Position GRENADIER
    I picked grenadier in the off chance that they also decided to drop in PELACOR CONJURER. The off chance of doing double damage is worth the risk of playing a lower mana card towards the back of my lineup. I'll press can be a real boon to knocking out an opponent if they happen to have a non-attacking tank

  • Fifth Position HERBALIST
    Played partly for the gold foil boost, played partly for the cleansing and to soak up a rear sneak attack if they play that.

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

  • Summoner MOTHER KHALA honestly unexpected for me to pick this play, and pretty unhappy to see it as a level 4. Having such high level cards will be difficult to overcome
  • GARGOYA SCRAPPER decent little tank, well not overly powerful or high in health and devoid will help it last longer in magic heavy matches.
  • CELESTIAL HARPY another great card with opportunity speed to damage and flying. At a level four this is a pretty decent card that can take out some of my lower health cards pretty quickly
  • TIME MAGE becoming one of my least favorite cards play against. The loss of speed applied to my team is crucial, not to mention it's doing two magic and five speed at the level 4 that it is. It's just hard to overcome all those increased stats LOL level
  • TRUTHSPEAKER who doesn't love a nice simple card to provide some extra armor.
  • PELACOR ARABLEST pretty solid play, although I think it might actually be better if they used a summary that provided a boost. All it still has double strike it's only has a base attack of two instead of three which might be crucial.
  • STITCH LEECH very solid choice especially at level five. Three damage may lay on a sneak attack with two speed and four health is Big upgrade over my own version that only does two damage.

Round 1


Before the round starts and a little depressed about how much higher level their cards are but I don't know enough yet from how the game plays out to see what the impact is. The loss of speed is going to weigh heavily on my team and probably cost me several monsters as I try to get going.

The round starts and my decreased speed shows up right away and it isn't long before I lose Pelacor Conjurer before I even get a turn. For the rest the round goes all right, I don't lose any more monsters but I also don't gain any knockouts.

Round 2


Front two starts off right away with me losing Maskrat, and while this moves Captain Katie to first position I also get a boost from martyr in call my stats bringing her up to for damage two speed to armor and eight health. Well in first position and at higher risk for taking big damage I have hopes I can continue to stack with bloodlust. Well I did take some significant damage I was able to secure another knockout and bloodlust gave stamp boost all around again.

Round 3


Round three starts off and I am pretty low on cards, but I do have a rather robust tank dealing high damage whose speed is now moving its attack towards the front of the lineup. After taking its turn as this second attack in monster of the third round it secures another knockout and gets to go through another boost from bloodlust. It's now starting to shine a litte, its a monsters with six damage, four-speed and a little bit of armor and health left. The increased spread did get me a miss that clearly saved me from an early elimination. It was only a 10% chance to be a miss and I was lucky enough that the RNG guides were on my side.

Round 4


What would have been The knockout blow for Captain Katie in the end of the match if I did not get lucky on my 10% chance for miss, I now get my turn and I secure yet another knockout and another boost from blood lost. My stats are now ridiculously high at seven damage six speed but there are still three attacks I will need at least one mess to make it another round. I get super Lucky and get a Miss on the last attack.

Round 5


Has round five starts with my attack first, I secure another knockout. My stats are starting to get a little nuts as I am now doing eight damage with seven speed. There are still three attacks this round since close range means great arrow s can attack from the front row, but the seven speed in the RNG gods in my favor means all three attacks miss.

Round 6


Around seven starts and I get another knockout. Nine magic damage, 8 speed and another Miss means it's going to go another round but it's already over. Captain Katie will end at the round and around 7 with 10 magic damage and nine speed. The combination of luck and blood lust leads to one devastating monster.

Thoughts - and Chances to Win Again


This is probably the lowest percentage chance to repeat victory I've ever shown. I was only a 36% favorite to win, I clearly needed lots of help on the RNG side to secure key misses and key point in the game to where I could build up my stats enough to protect myself and secure my knockouts. It is wild that I was able to pull up a victory considering how many misses it required for me to do it. I'm actually a little shocked that I'm a 36% favorite to win and that it wasn't even lower than this.

Well I'm clearly happy to win, and especially against much higher level cards than I was playing which makes it even more difficult I think I will have to reconsider this as an optimal lineup and can stay this to be a very lucky lineup. Either way I love Captain Katie and I absolutely love it when blood lust starts to roll and you get crazy insane stats that leave you with one monster taking out an entire team.