Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Haunted Spider in Bronze II



Back To Splinterlands -Starting back with the basics

I know - I never should have left, but back in Jan - March of this I chose to sell out, walk away and take a break. It was the right choice at the time and no regrets. Sure my large holdings of cards would have gone up 25X plus given me massive daily SPS drops. But I got my new fridge and got off that digital life for a while. Now I am back to Splinterlands, impatiently waiting Chaos to help grow my decks and get back to minting NFT's.

While I do have Level 2 Summoners, they are all from Untamed or Dice - and I find for Fire, Death, Water and usually Earth I still prefer level 1 beta, even losing the additional stats for my Gold Foil Cards. Life depending on mana will determine if I use Tyrus or Khala.

As I started back up, my cards are mostly phantom, and the cards I felt were the most beneficial at level 1 or most affordable for 1bcx Gold Foil.

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Weekly Challenge Barking Spider


The Haunted Spider is a great starting card and very useful at bronze League play, even at one bcx. The first level of this card will provide two range attack damage, well only costing three men this allows for its use and higher damage points to be used in most low matches. It's biggest drawbacks at this level are the fact that it only has two health, and has a speed of one. If entered into the wrong place in the lineup it can be attacked and lost before it's first attack, and will not attack until the very end of the sequence. I will admit, it is one of my favorite cards given its low mana and damage greater than 1 in the bronze leagues.


The Matchup



Standard Rule Set
17 MANA Limit
All Splinters

As you can see for this match, all the cars used are base level 1. And I am battling in Bronze II, working my way up to Bronze I for the end of the season in the day or two.

  • First position Haunted Spirit
    No surprise here, haunted spirit is in first position, this is because it is one of the rare cards that has self-healing as a starting benefit. Two Damage, 7 Health and healing, it really gives the death line up a boost in the Bronze League.

  • Second Position Skeleton Assassin
    I put the Skeleton Assassin here for a couple of reasons. It is a Melee card so it can attack from the first position if Haunted Spirit was to fall. The additional benefit is the sneak function allows it to attack the rear card while in the back row, and then attack the tank when it moves to 1st position. It should get a couple of attacks prior to moving to 1st position given its 4 speed is likely one of the fasted cards in any match.

  • Third Position Haunted Spider
    I felt this is the best place for it. With its low mana, it needed to be protected as much as possible. It has the same health as Skelton Assassin so the later will be targeted by oppertunity first. Its only risk comes from cards with the snipe ability. If the opponent had picked Death and picked Twisted Jester, it would have been picked off without a turn. Given the low mana, I figured snipe was unlikely used in a optimal lineup. Most Bronze matches use a lot of sneak and oppertunity.

  • Fourth Position Dark Ferryman
    I put the Ferryman here for a few reasons. For only 3 mana, it comes with an unheard of 5 health for ranged attackers. This means it take a ton of damage from sneak attacks while protecting the higher damager spider. The longer it lasts, the more total damage I can do each round and increase my odds of winning.

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

Odd for sure. I like the living lava, it can be a really hard card to get past in low levels. That Shield and high damage make it a brute. But having Cerberus in 2nd position is curious as it will be idle most of the game. Having Serpentine Spy is a given for the fire lineup, its speed plus damage and oppertunity makes it a great card to go after the weak middle lineup cards. Given that they Pyre and not Malric, my choice for Zintar and the -1 Melee was a great choice.

Round 1

With that drop of melee by one, the first attack from Serpentine Spy only did one damage to Skeleton Assassin, leaving it around to take out Serpentine spy in the next move. After that, the game as essentially over. With only the tank attacking with 3 damage, and Haunted Sprit able to heal 2 heath each round, there was no way for me to lose. After that, haunted sprit and Haunted Spider did 1 damage each per round to Living Lava

Round 5

I was glad I had the spider in my lineup vs another card doing 1 damage. My sneak attack was negated by the healing of Cerberus, and my 1 damage attacks were to no impact to the living Lava with a shield. Without the spider it would have taken twice as long to knock out Living Lava. It still took 5 rounds. It would have been 10 rounds or more if I had a different non magic card in the line up. The game ended in round 7.


While I feel like I don't use the Haunted Spider enough, I feel like it belongs in more lineups. I will have to make sure I consider it for the lower mana matches to maximize damage.

I look forward to the next share your battle challenge. That way you can read how I set my line ups and use it against me or laugh at my awful choices.