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Featuring Bronze League Summoner and Monsters in Action!

I'm back this week with another monster highlight post. This is where I choose to feature monsters at a bronze level typically battling in silver league or above. I hope to give those who are playing at lower levels or new to the game some insight on possible strategies to use, the best cards to Target, and the strategies that I find most effective. While we all have our own plain style, I always enjoy seeing what others do and then adding it to my toolbox. This week's highlight is Katrelba Gibson from the Gladius edition.

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Weekly Challenge - Katrelba Gobson

Edition: GLADUS
Rarity: COMMON
Element: EARTH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities" BLOODLUST
Health: 4
Speed: 3
Attack: 2

Reasons Why I like it

There is so much to like for this common Gladius card. It's one of the few cards that gets to have three abilities before anything is added by a seminar. Most importantly it starts off with a base attack of two melee with three speed meaning it should attack relatively early in position, it's a tech is a sneak attack and it is amplified by the fact that it has double strike meaning it gets to do two attacks. Well this alone would make the card good, what makes it great is the addition of bloodlust. The card can manage to secure a knockout it'll increase each one of its stats of melee, speed, and health for each knockout.

The only downside to this card is it's relatively high man of six and lower health of four. Sometimes it can inadvertently be targeted by opportunity cards or taken out before it can get on a roll.

The Matchup - Where Rules Sets, Splinters and Mana Collide

The Rule Sets


Watch the Match Here


MANA: 23

Ruleset: Are You Not Entertained? one additional Gladiator card may be used in battles

SPLINTERS: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Dragon

Initial Rule Set and Mana Gameplay Thoughts

** Rulesets
Interestingly this is one of the rare one rule set matches that I feel like I've had. The only rule set is are you not entertained, which allows us to use one additional Gladius card. In my case given the summoner I chose this battle it'll be the only card but in some situations in bras you could have as many as three if chosen the right summoner. This really changes the lineups in some matches

** Mana
23 mana is traditionally not a low number, but in wild and in the modern format I find it more difficult to play given the number of cards that have higher manners. If I'm not careful I can end up taking more than half of my mana with just the summoner and my first tank. I think Amana tends to shy away from life matches, and dragon matches for the most part will slightly favoring magic and fire melee

** Splinters
The only spent your lost is death, which isn't a bad option given its reduction of health and thorns combinations that are possible. I expect this to be a magic Earth heavy opponent or a Melee fire opponent

    I am choosing to go with the wizard of Eastwood to eliminate my opponent's armor to make my melee attacks more effective.

  • First Position UNICORN MUSTANG
    Unicorn mustang is probably one of the best tanks I can think of. It's high speed and attack means it typically goes first and is protected by void against those using magic. In my mind it is the best thing to use in the most situations

  • Second Position FUNGUS FLINGER
    Wanted to put fungus finger out here to provide a boost to either unicorn mustang and at a minimum Katrelba Gibson when it gets eliminated.

  • Third Position KATRELBA GOBSON
    I'm hoping it is protected enough here so that can secure a few knockouts and really start to do some damage with its double attack

  • Fourth Position URAEUS
    If I'm going to play one sneak card, I'm going to play as many as I can. This should help to remove any armor and wear them down so I can secure some knockouts

  • Fifth Position FUNGUS FIEND
    Put it at the end to absorb either those opportunity or sneak attacks my opponent might be playing

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

  • Summoner YODIN ZAKU I certainly did not expect to face yoden. It is extremely difficult to beat, it's splash damage is insane and it makes a lot of arrow card exceptionally powerful.
  • RADIATED SCORCHER pretty decent first card, I use it too. With its speed it might get off the first attack and take out the armor tank if not it's just cannon powder
  • ANT MINERS another great card that has the ability to add a lot of health with scavenger. Given the lower health of all the cards is easy to see how it can get a lot of help and stick around for a long time
  • CHAOS AGENT not sure why Chaos agent would be put here instead of first or second position. I'm sure there's a strategy I'm just not sure what it is unless counter a snake attack.
  • BOOOD MAKER well I don't traditionally love blood maker, the addition of Zaku makes it great. High speed three base attack with splash damage means it can be hurting two or three monsters every attack
  • SCAVO FIREBOLT another car that becomes really powerful when boosted. Another three base attack with high-speed that'll splash to at least two if not three monsters
  • LAVA SPIDER my old favorite approach with Zaku was to have as many snipe arrow cards that could to get the boost in the splash. This will be problematic if it takes out my cards before they can level up

Round 1


I'm not too confident I can secure many knockouts before I take too much splash damage. It's the first round start speed and attack type goes first triggering my opponent to go first with blood maker. I get very fortunate that it's scattershot actually attacks unicorn mustang first. This limited splash damage to only fungus flinger which I am perfectly happy to lose versus doing serious damage to Katrelba Gibson. Buckley unicorn mustang secures a knockout for being attacked again this time by scabble. Luckily for me the splash damage knocks out flinger triggering martyr. This gives the all-important boost to both unicorn mustang in speed health attack and Katrelba Gibson. With the new speed Katrelba a text first and since it has double attack it actually gets to knock out lava spider before it can attack. This triggers bloodlust boosting it to four May late five-speed 6-in. Has the rest of the round plays out damage is Delta both sides but no one lasts any other monsters.

Round 2


After a very busy round one, round two is looking to be in my favor. Without the speed boosts from fungus flinger I fear the results May turn out much differently. But given that situation both unicorn and Katrelba with attack first. Unicorn mustang takes away the health of ant miners, while Katrelba knocks out scavo fireboat, and then after the blood loss boosts is able to knock out blood maker on a single attack. Taking away five health on one attack is massive. The double strike combo and high melee damage can really become impressive. The rest of the round continues but at this point it's inconsequential as they don't have enough firepower or monsters to matter.

Round 3


Room 3 starts but it's all going to be Katrelba. Another double attack, in another double knockout. This means it gets two more blood lusts bringing it to a whopping nine speed, 8 melee attack by the end of the match. If there is any monsters left it could deal out 16 melee damage with the speed of 9. That is just unfathomable and totally awesome.

Thoughts - and Chances to Win Again

Books as if my lineup is a 96% favorite to win every time. My guess is that the small chance I have to lose is if Katrelba gets hit first with scattershot and then gets knocked out before it has a chance to build any stats. It seems that that is a really solid play for this lineup given my opponent's choices and it's one that I enjoy playing. Something about double attack melee with bloodlust really makes it fun to watch the stats built.





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