Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge STONE GOLEM in Silver 3



Back To Splinterlands -Starting back with the basics

Still slowly trying to improve as I can, and still waiting to buy anything major until the new Chaos Legion is released. I fully expect losing beta cards and summoners will flip many of the old tried and true power cards to a life of collecting dust. Many of the cards achieved greatness at different levels because for that level, with the boost given by the summoners they were so much better than others.

I can't wait until I get a chance to see the whole collection, but all the cheap hated cards and then target those I find the hardest to battle against. I know I just need more cards when I no longer can play with Beta... I can't wait!!!

I am still playing with level 2 Summoners and cards in GF where I can to match. The rest are all 1 BCX as I look to expand my collection into more cards before combining.

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Weekly Challenge ( Last Week! 😵 )

Edition: BETA
Rarity: RARE
Element: EARTH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: SHIELD

My - How I miss using Stone Golem more. In the days of old, it was a tried and true tank. Given the rise and dominance of water in lower leagues, I have not played with it much. I do love cards with shield, and while it has decent starting health, its speed and low attach generally keeps it out of my line up. If I had Mylor I think I could play it better in Melee only matches.

That said, it is a great cards, especially for certain rulesets where it can really shine

The Matchup


Stampede Trample Can Trigger Multiple Times Per Attack
Odd Ones Out Only Odd Mana Cards Can Be Played
Mana Limit 34
Splinters Fire, Life, Earth

Given the ruleset, and the fact that the Water splinter was not a choice, I felt like it was a good time to take a chance on the weekly challenge. It is not a normal lineup I see to default, I tend to go Life in most cases, not sure exactly why, but I generally have good luck.

-Summoner Wizard of Eastwood
I really like the -2 Armor. I gives Earth a chance against lineups like Life and Water that have cards giving the armor a boost and means most of my first round attacks should fine home and reduce health!

  • First position Stone Golem
    Rocking it like that - You best. Hoping they keep the magic at home and I can absorb a don't of damage with the Armor, Shield and Health. It is the true definition of Tank in 1st position. Not meant to do much damage, it is designed in this match to take a few rounds of punishment as my other cards eat away at their lineups.
  • Second Position Centauri Mage
    Great card with return fire for those who like go heavy snipe teams. Plus I happen to have this one in gold, and who doesn't love some pretty gold out there!!. It also does 1 magic damage, so assuming they don't play Void, it should help take eat away at the health.
  • Third Position Sand Worm
    Another Great gold Card. This card alone can determine matches. If there is nothing to protect that back line, it will often take out a card every turn. Massive 5 damage, 2 speed and sneak attack. It hard to counter, and I am hoping it creates havoc!

  • Fourth Position Goblin Sorcerer
    I love sneak damage! Have all the speed and armor you want back there and it does not care. Just a slow stead attack against the heal on what are typically the weakest and highest damage cards.

  • Fifth Position Child Of the Forest
    Speed plus snipe. Given it is a 5 speed it should be one of the first to attack and sniping that back row range cards is great. It helps to target mostly low mana cards and take them out prior to their turn.

  • Sixth Position Earth Elemental
    Most love for its low 3 mana and super high health of 6. It is almost irrelevant that it does 1 ranged attack at a speed of 1. I use it mostly as a blocker and rear guard.

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

Of course. it's Mylor Crowling. That card that gives thorns to all monsters. This card is a gaping hole in my collection and there are matches that even before I play them I know I will lose. Those thorns are a massive weapon to overcome. They also have a great line up with Nectar Queen in frist doing massive damage, with high health plus flying!. They follow it with a Orge in second place for its reach, Earth Elemental in 3rd to provide a first target of ranged attacks to protect Venari Seedsmith until it can add some more health via scavenger. The rear tank is their own Sandworm trying to sneak up my own back guard.

Overall its a good lineup but I find it a bit awkward. Not sure I would have selected the same cards, but given they are playing Mylor Crowling I am not sure it matters


Round 1

Speed wins, so as expected my Child of the Forest delivers 1 damage to its Earth Elemental. With its high health, its going to take a long time to make a dent. Next my Centauri Mage fires off a health from the Nectar Queen before Goblin Sorcerer and my Sand Worm attack and knock out their Sand Worm prior to it even getting a turn. This is huge, while my sand worm took 2 in Thorns damage, it was worth it to take out one of the biggest damage cards on the field. Sand Worm going out feed Venari Seedsmith. Things finally move over to the other team as Nectar Queen attacks and removes the Armor from Sone Golem. Best part for me, the next two monsters only deal 1 damage, and given my shied neither Orc or Earth Elemental will do anything to me. After those non events, Earth Elemental shaves another health off the Nectar Queen. The only question is will Stone Golem actually hit the Nectar Queen and trade -1 Heaths. It does in fact trade blows.

Round 2


Straight repeat of round one. Child of the forest delivers -1 to Earth elemental. Venari attacks Stone Golem taking -1 Health, followed by Centauri Mage taking another health away from Nectar Queen. Followed quickly by Goblin Sorcerer and Sandworm tag teaming Venari and taking it out. My Sandworm takes another 2 thorns damage, but still feeling great.

Nectar Queen drops Stone Golem to 2 health, and then looses 1 health again to a lucky hit by my Earth Elemental. My Stone golem misses this time. It saves both its self and Nectar Queen a health.

Round 3


Looks Like lots of cards will be falling here. Low health all around and things will get interesting. I do love speed, and Child of the Forest has a lot taking another health from Earth Elemental. Centauri Mage does its thing dropping Queen down to 4. My Double sneak strikes again, and knocks out Earth Elemental, and I lose Sandworm from thorns!!! Quickly followed losing Stone Golem to Nectar Queen, Moving Centauri Mage into 1st position and losing another damage to Orc. Given its speed and magic attack it will do damage for at least 2 rounds before getting taken out.

Round 4


Its not over but it feels over. It might take a few rounds but feeling like its basically done with.

Round 5


Confirmed... Its over.... in round 6... but it was crystal clear.


Thoughts - I will Miss Beta Cards

I joined back in the early Beta days, so I feel like Beta is what I know best. I will be hard not to go to the same cards I am so used to using, some of the OG lineups are still amazing and work great, while others have been replaced with newer Untamed and Reward cards.

I am glad to do these challenges that force me to play with cards I would normally shy away from, and I look forward to a new set of challenges when Chaos comes out.