Splinterlands Share Your Monster Highlight Featuring Xulax Nightwind

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Featuring Bronze League Summoner and Monsters in Action!

I have another amazing battle to share this week with a monster highlight of XULAX NIGHTWIND. This battle played out in silver league I believe, but both teams were playing with bronze level capped cards so we were at an equal fitting as far as abilities in car levels. I think this just goes to show that sometimes you can play a lineup that looks good on paper, is executed poorly, and still end up with a victory due to some of these powerful Gladius cards

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Weekly Challenge - Xulax Nightwind

Element: DEATH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: VOID ARMOR
Abilities: BLOODLUST
Health: 7
Speed: 3
Attack: 3
Armor: 7

Reasons Why I like it
Quite honestly at first glance it's a powerhouse. Seven armor that is upgraded to void armor is impressive for any card. That can withhold a substantial amount of damage from any attack giving it some stain power. It also has decent health at 7 has three melee damage, in 3 speed. Overall that's a pretty impressive amount of stats.

The Matchup - Where Rules Sets, Splinters and Mana Collide

The Rule Sets


Watch the Match Here


MANA: 34

Ruleset: Are You Not Entertained? : One additional Gladiator card may be used in battles

Ruleset: Odd Ones Out: Only monsters with odd mana costs may be used.

SPLINTERS: Fire, Water, Life, Death, Dragon

Initial Rule Set and Mana Gameplay Thoughts

** Rulesets
The rules center interesting, and I like the are you not entertained little scent that allows you to play in Gladius card. This means that you might have one, two or even three cards depending on the seminar you pick and it has a brawl. Since this was right to play it opens up the opportunity to be able to use two cards potentially. The other rule set of odd cards only can be a nuisance but overall isn't too into the trial back since most of the higher planet cards I feel are odds.

  • Mana
    Mana is a healthy 38. That gives you just about enough room to do anything you want but not everything you want. Clearly you can't pick all the highest punisher but you should still have a decent amount of options to pick from and a robust team that you can build
    ** Splinters

The only splinter that is left out is Earth and that removes the desperate need to play a magic reduction and or avoid heavy team since it can't be played. I think the mana and the rule sets leave it open to just about any splitter being used depending on the mindset of the person you're battling and there's no clear direction of what you should pick

  • Summoner ASTRAL ENTITY
    I was playing a death focus and decided to pursue my bonus if I won. I love trying to use the resurrect with a monster that has martyr to double dip on the Martyr ability. Well this is nothing new it's just one of the few ways that you can play it with silver league level cards.

  • First Position VENARI MARKSRACT
    I was thinking if this goes first to give a boost to Coeurl Lurker bringing its attack and speed up and it should get resurrected for second time to provide another boost

  • Second Position COEURL LURKER
    If things went away, it should have six valley damage, 6 speed and 12 health with Dodge and taunt. I was hoping it would be very difficult to hit while delivering massive blows to my enemy

  • Third Position XULAX NIGHTWIND
    I believe that when I pick this card here I thought it had reached ability which means it could attack me circumcision. Clearly it does not and I'm thinking that it was a mistake to put it here

  • Fourth Position SCAVO HIRELING
    I was counting on repairing the armor of Nightwind when it moved into first position hoping to keep it there and protect it as long as possible

  • Fifth Position SILENT SHA-VI
    I have a hard time finding you that lineup where this is not used. It's just simply too good fast and powerful cannot play.

But let's be honest looking at my light up now it is not a great lineup and I made a crucial error or two.

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Opponent Lineup & Match Play

    Pretty solid choice overall. Reduced to health and a potential magic meaning most of these cards won't be doing any significant magic damage is never a poor choice
    Having a heavy hitting high health card with Taunton first position is a solid choice. It should negate most of your sneaking Snape attacks.
    Another one of my personal favorite cards to be playing. The blade armor plus two magic and relatively pay health giving some pretty strong ability
    I feel the same way about the card and their lineup as I do mine. It's a great choice it's hard to not play when playing death
    a solid choice to double up on the sneak attack. Combined together with silent sha-vi it's a great duel
    common enough card to play, life leech is always hard to get away from but not a significant impact in my mind
    Slightly better choice, higher speed two damage means it should be fairly effective since night goal should take most of the hits to start with and it'll be protected

Round 1


Chris Brown one starts I'm not feeling very confident. The air of my lineup seems to be sticking out but I'm still hoping that I can get a dual boost to Coeurl Lurker and start to drop some hammers.

Is the round starts, it dawns on me that having taunt in second position might not be a great choice. While I do get a couple of early misses it is still sustaining substantial damage before getting its first boost from Venrai Markscrat. It is taking way more damage today is hoping I can't even moved into first position.

Round 2


Round two starts off much like round one and while I have some good luck with RNG and see Karen some more misses, I still lose Coeurl Lurker for losing a tank for second time and it is knocked out of the match I'm guessing my choice for putting taunt in second place was not a wise one.

Round 3


Three stars and things are looking pretty rough for me as I do not have many monsters left to attack, and they have a double sneak attack lined up for me. The only benefit to round three is that I lose Venrai Markscrat second time which means that night wind moves to first position and gets a Martyr boost to stats. Luckily for me you did not take me to turn yet so after the boost it is the first to attack and it delivers a knockout on night ghoul and triggers another stat increase via bloodlust. The round comes to an end as I lose Silent Sha-vi.

Round 4


Around four looks pretty rough for me as it starts. I'm down to one attacking monster and one monster that couldn't repair armor. Overall not great and while I'm doing some significant damage there is significant risk of losing

Luckily for me the added Dodge from the summoner means scavo sticks around long enough to give me an extra repair in both of my armor one last time before being knocked out.

Round 5


Is around 5:00 starts it's looking pretty dire for me. While I will attack first it won't be enough to secure a knockout and trigger bloodlust again. My only hope is that my increased speed plus Dodge gets me in favor of the RNG gods and generate some misses. It turns out this time they were in my favor and all melee and arrow attacks missed me. Any one of those hitting could have been significant trouble in more than one would have been devastated.

Round 6


Since all of those attacks missed, and I now still attack first it means I'm going to secure a knockout. Well not necessarily that interesting it's the blood loss and I'm interested in. I will get another speed attack armor and health boost. I've now gained another speed advantage Plus Dodge factor to generate more missing from my opponent. Is the round plays out all melee attacks Miss leaving me with full health and a devastating punch.

Round 7


I'm honestly surprised that I'm still around at this point, but I'm starting to think I might have a shot. It's around starts I secure another knockout triggering bloodbust and my stats are getting to be a little ridiculous. Seven melee, seven speed, one armor and 10 health is a pretty badass monster. The best part is even with the increased speed every monsters attack hits me this round.

Round 8


What is the round starts I get another knockout and it's now clear to me that I'm actually going to pull this victory off in the next couple of rounds. It's my speed and damage that are going to be uncontrollable and they don't have enough attacks to drain my health.

Round 9


Round 10


As round 10 starts I have nine melee, nine health, and absolute mind-boggling number. After I secure my last knockout and wouldn't match both of those who boosted to 10 melee, 10 speed that is an absolute ridiculously high speed.

Thoughts - and Chances to Win Again

According to this tool it says I'm a 10% favorite to win. I will say I was very fortunate in some of my RNG miscalculations and when they came. I think it got very fortunate with a bad lineup that was salvaged by a very powerful monster that have blood bust. Once I started to get in a roll of securing knockouts and blood lusts it's very difficult to stop. I definitely will admit that night wind saved my poor lineup and gave me a victory I probably didn't deserve.


I hope to continue to use night wind but in situations that fit it better. It is great card and continue to build its stats up through bloodlust, and avoid armor is rare and exceptionally powerful in a lot of match sets.