Giant Roc - does size matter?


Hello Spltinterfriends,

This is my submission for the weekly SHARE YOUR BATTLE challenge, featuring the mighty bird from Alpha/Beta cards edition - the Giant Roc!

Giant Roc and generally fire element is played by me very rarely, therefore I was really curious how this old chap will perform against all new fancy Chaos Legion cards. My fire deck is pretty lame, I was also renting most of my CP, so I just rented plain vanilla Giant Roc and Cerberus and tried to compete with them in the Bronze tier.

Battle lineup
How did it go? I took several battles, each time using Cerberus as the main tank due to its heal ability and pretty high melee damage and Giant Roc as a secondary melee card due to its Reach ability. As a gap filler, I was using Serpentine Spy, due to high damage and Opportunity ability. As a summoner, I was using Tarsa from the brand new CL release, giving me a nice boost in melee damage and attack speed. I was hoping that this combo will work in nice synergy, having enough firepower and survivability to beat my opponents.

Unfortunately, probably to my lack of experience playing Fire, every time I tried Tarsa + Cerberus + Giant Roc + Serpentine Spy + gap fillers, I got literally smashed by my opponents, having no mercy to use powerful cards against me.


Watch the battles to see how heavily my butt was kicked:
Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle 3

I think that Giant Roc is not a bad card at all, even compared to the new sexy Chaos Legion cards. It has Flying ability and relatively big melee damage, making it a perfect card for the secondary tank. My failures were mainly due to a lack of experience in how to play fire and using just plain vanilla cards combined with a fire ghost deck. Looking into the pretty affordable price of the Giant Roc, I would say it could be still a good choice for Fire players. I personally will progress with my favorite Life element.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next weekly share your battle challenge!

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