Pelacor Conjurer - most useful from Pelacors collection ?



Howdy Splinterfolks!

Welcome to next chapter of my Splinterlands diary where I am taking closer look into different cards from strategy point of view. In this post, it's time to share my thoughts on the Pelacor Conjurer and its hidden potential. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Shortly after I started to play Splinterlands again after long break, new reward cards were introduced into the game, with the species of Pelacors available for every element. By fulfilling daily quests, I started to own multiple Pelacor Conjurer cards, which I initially treated as a trash cards, without bigger sense to use. I was using this monster from time to time as a gap filler but by completing daily quests and some market purchases, got a chance to own enough BXC to reach level 3 of my Pelacor Conjurer card which changed my percpeption of this monster.

As I play Silver, when max level for commons is 5, just by hitting lvl 3 I very quickly figured out that this card has huge potential. It's perfect tank for low mana battles and magic counter, even without any damage dealing capabilities. Fact, that is cost just 2 mana is in my opinion compensating this fact. Here are my few biased thoughts on pros and cons on Conjurer:

• High speed + flying ability makes it really hard to hit for melee and distance attacks. Check this battle as perfect example:
• Magic reflect makes it perfect against magic monsters
• Very low mana cost with pretty high life amount
• Divine shield and phase for higher leagues makes it even more tanky

All those pros makes Pelacor Conjurer perfect tank for low mana battles!

• No attack
• No shield
• Really lame unil level 3

Conclusion: Conjurer won't be very useful in low leagues, however it may be still good choice as gap filler or tank for low mana battles and/or battle rulesets with earthquake.

General conclusion
Conjurers are still very cheap and affordable, so think about it, because it's still good time to get this card levelled up and leverage it's hidden potential in the battle. I also see that they might be good fir to the upcoming Chaos Legion monsters for life element. It' still early!

Stay tuned!