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hey @ablaza, welcome Splinterlands board! I will try to answer your Qs:

  1. I paid 10HDB to join the game. Do I now own some cards? What are they worth?
    Once you bough summoner spellbook, you have deck of "ghost cards" - you do not own them but you can use them in matches to start earning rewards, fulfill quests etc.

  2. Realistically do I need to spend more money to get set up?
    I would say yes, overall in my opinion Splinterlands is definitely not free to play game, also I reckon it's pay-to-win also.

  3. Can people recommend any good posts or videos to explain what's what for complete newbies? (I've already looked at the how to on the website)
    @Bulldog1205 has decent YT channel with a lot of tutorials, also for complete newbies :)

  4. How do I earn SPT tokens and what's the best way to earn more. I heard there were airdrops. What do I need to do to qualify for them?
    SPT is splintertalk token, currently there is SPS token airdrop. Basically, more SL assests you own, more SPS airdrop you have. In order to participate in aidrop, you need to own cards, booster packs, land plots or other assests. Full list is here:

  5. Is the game child friendly or are there any risks?
    Well, at the end of the day, it's all about battling and PVP. There is no gore or strict violence, I would rather say it's more strategic battle game. But still a battle.

Have fun with Splinterlands!