Some speculations about incoming Chaos Legion airdrops


Hello folks!

As we are in the second phase of the pre-sale of Chaos Legion packs, we are getting closer and closer to the next airdrop cards milestones.

At the last Town Hall, Splinterlands team announced that drop rates for guaranteed airdrop cards would be similar as for the Untamed edition. I quickly gathered previous rates of card airdrops, so you can verify how probable you will get a guaranteed card from the airdrop.

What we know so far, that majority of the 14 airdrops would be legendary cards, so this table shows aggregated drop rates from Untamed airdrops. It may be useful for having perspective on how many CL packs have to be purchased in order to be qualified for guaranteed CL airdrops:

CardRarityGuaranteed airdropAirdrop / Loot Chance per pack
Diamond DragonLegendaryFirst 100k packsn/a
Gloridax GuardianLegendaryFirst 100k packsn/a
Drake of ArnakRareNo guaranteed airdrop4.16%
Mimosa NightshadeLegendaryNo guaranteed airdrop0.286%
Yodin ZakuLegendaryNo guaranteed airdrop0.267%
Chanseus the GreatLegendaryEvery 400 packs0.25%
Lir DeepswimmerLegendaryEvery 425 packs0.235%
Scarred Llama MageLegendaryEvery 450 packs0.222%
Beatrix IronhandEpicEvery 65 packs1.538%
Byzantine KittyLegendaryEvery 475 packs0.211%
Goblin FiremageEpicEvery 70 packs1.429%
LobstradamusEpicEvery 75 packs1.333%
The GorlodonEpicEvery 80 packs1.25%
Hero of BeyondEpicEvery 65 packs1.18%

Trying to make some speculations here, based on the past Untamed airdrop, probably you would need to purchase around 500 packs to be qualified for guaranteed legendary summoners airdrop. Buying around 100 packs should give you guaranteed at least one epic card from the airdrop. Of course, it is just a pure guess, based on the information shared by Splinterlands team during the last AMA. It is also seems that every aidropped card would have "guaranteed treshold".

When looking at the price of cards from the previous airdrop, it is definitely worth to aim for getting as many of those airdrop cards as possible as in the long-term it can pay off all the investment made into packs purchase. However, small investors could struggle to purchase enough packs to participate in guaranteed airdrops. To still benefit from the free drops, you can have a look into XCHAOS token which is Chaos Legion purchase pool and can give you a share in the value from airdrops even without having enough packs purchased by yourself.

Check more about XCHAOS here:

You can also join a purchasing group run by prominent member @marcuswahl to benefit from large purchase discounts and airdrops. More information can be found here:

There are a lot of rumors about upcoming airdrops, but one is for sure: airdropped cards will play a significant role in the new meta and sooner or later you would need them in order to stay competitive.

Good luck and until next time!