Battle of the Day #01- Axe Master + Explosive Weaponry


Good day guys!

I want to share with you my battle against the Kraken. You guy can also check out the strength of the Axe master when there's a rule of Explosive Weaponry.

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 24 with the "Explosive Weaponry and Stampede" rules. Me and my opponent were both using the Water splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Bortus
Monsters: Torhilo the Frozen, Pirate Captain, Sniping Narwhal, Axe Master, Furious Chicken
Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Alric Stormbringer
Monsters: The Kraken, Spirit Miner, Water Elemental, Albatross, Furious Chicken.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 2021-09-19 05-19-26_Moment.jpg

The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

At the start of the round, I was regretting what I used. I was so scared of the Kraken and Spirit Miner. I thought that my opponent would be using more magic damaging enemies. My Axe master was the one who attacked first, and I just love it when there's a ruleset Explosive Weaponry because he damaged the Spirit Miner twice and destroyed the armor of the Kraken. My opponents Water Elemental and Kraken attacked and killed my Pirate Captain due to the blast damage. Then my Sniping Narwhal and Torhilo attacked leaving 1 HP for my opponent's Spirit Miner before the round ended.

BORTUS 1.gif

Round 2

It was round 2 and my Axe master when ahead, so it was able to kill the spirit miner because of the blast. His water elemental and Kraken attacked leaving my Torhilo with 1 HP and killing my Sniping Narwhal before it got to hit. I was really lucky that my Torhilo survived because if it didn't I would have lost the match. Then my Torhilo attacked and killed the Kraken.

BORTUS 2.gif

Round 3

My Axe Master finished all the remaining monsters because of the double attack. He first killed the Water Elemental and Albatross at the same time and killed the Furious Chicken. Thus giving me the Win

BORTUS 3.gif

Spoils of War

I got 7.711 DEC and my rating increased by 22.

Thoughts on this battle
Before the battle started, I noticed that my opponent was using Alric Stormbringer but with a lot of magic monsters, so that's when I decided to use Bortus and Torhilo to make the damage of the magic monsters weaker. Doing this helped me against the spirit miner. I also purposely used the Axe master so I could damage his monster twice with the blast. I also used other monsters with snipe, but they had to attack the Kraken, which kinda sucked because I wasn't able to use them to their full potential before they died. I actually would have lost this if my Torhilo died, that monster was super clutch for living from all the attacks. It's really fun to use Axe master when there's the rule explosive weaponry.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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