Share your Battle: Stone Golem


Good day guys!

Let me share with you guys my battle using the Stone Golem

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 27 with the "Earthquake" rule.


My Lineup
Summoner: Brighton Bloom
Monsters: Stone Golem, Unicorn Mustang, Wood Nymph, Serpentine Mystic, and Earth Elemental
Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Malric Inferno
Monsters: Living Lava, Giant Roc, Serpentine Spy, Fire Beetle, and Fire Elemental.

stoen golem.PNG

The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

It started off with my opponent's fire elemental attacking my stone golem but thankfully, it missed its first hit. Though his Serpentine spy went next and killed my wood nymph. His Fire Beetle was sniping my serpentine mystic and his giant Roc attacked my sone golem. Then my serpentine mystic attacked the living lava damaging it. Both my stone golem and earth elemental attacked the living lava but because of its shield, they both can't damage it. To end the round my opponent's living lava missed its attack.

stone golem 1.gif

Round 2

At the start of round 2, the earthquake took effect damaging most of his monsters and killing both the serpentine spy and Fire Elemental. His Fire beetle was still trying my serpentine mystic and his giant Roc attacked the stone golem. My serpentine mystic with 1 HP had its turn and damaged the living lava. My other monsters couldn't do anything because of the shield. And it's living lava damaged m stone golem.

stone golem 2.gif

Round 3

The Earthquake killed his fire beetle and destroyed the armor of his living lava. The Giant Roc attacked my stone golem then my serpentine mystic attacked his living lava. And the Living lava attacked my stone golem. My stone Golem was left with 1 HP at the end of this round.

stone golem 3.gif

Round 4

The earthquake damaged his living lava. His Giant Roc killed my stone golem. But I'm glad that it was able to live that long. Before the round ended his living lava attacked my unicorn mustang dealing 4 damage to it.

stone golem 4.gif

Round 5

This was the final round and the earthquake finally killed my opponent's living lava. The Unicorn Mustang attacked his Giant Roc and the Giant Roc attacked it back. The serpentine mystic finally killed the giant Roc.

stone golem 5.gif

Spoils of War

I got 3.434 DEC and my rating increased by 19.

Did your strategy work?
My strategy using the stone golem actually worked. I actually used him to become the tank because his skill shield is really useful against other monsters especially when their range/ melee attacks are 1 because they wouldn't deal damage to it. To be honest, I wasn't sure why my opponent used Malric instead of a Brighton, if that would have happened I could have lost this match. The earthquake just dealt a lot of damage to his monsters. Though I'm happy that the stone golem was able to prolong the match and served its purpose as a tank.

Do you like the Stone Golem ?
Yes, I definitely like using this guy especially when the mana cap is low. I also love using him with the summoner mylor in the silver league. The shield really helps it become a really nice tank.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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Very nice battle the only suggest I would give you to consider is switch the healer with the serapine mystic because it would make your lineup slightly more effective against snipe ability <3