Splinterlands Weekly Challenge: CENTAURI MAGE


Good day guys!

I decided to join the Share your Battle weekly challenge using the Centauri Mage.

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 29 with the "Earthquake and Unprotected" rules. My opponent was using the death splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Mylor Crowling
Monsters: Stone Golem, Cocatrice, Nectar Queen, Enchanted Pixie and Centauri Mage

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Owwster Rotwell
Monsters: Bone Golem, Twisted Jester, Death Elemental, Haunted Spirit, Skeleton Assassin and Centaur

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The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

When I saw the ruleset, I was thinking about who to use, and when I saw an earthquake ruleset,I usually pick Brighton Bloom who would make all your monsters flying but she wasn't available during this match. SO I decided to experiment and use the Earth Splinter. At the start of the round, the skeleton assassin attacked the centauri mage, and the assassin died due to the thorns. My opponent killed my enchanted Pixie before it could do anything. My Centauri Mage attacked his Bone Golem but did not do any damage and its attack reflected back to her so I was the one who lost some HP there. The twisted Jester and Centaur both attacked my centauri mage and they got damaged from the return Fire. The Golems both attacked each other but his bone golem got more damage due to thorns.

centauri 1.gif

Round 2

At the start of the round, the Earthquake happened damaging most of our monsters but it came in really handy for me because it left 3 of his monsters with 1 hp and killed of the death elemental. My centauri mage went ahead and attacked the bone golem but its attack still got reflected and she took all the damage. Then the twisted Jester attacked my mage killing it but the jester also died due to the return fire. The centaur attacked the stone golem doing no damage and my stone golem killed the bone golem. Ending the round.

centauri 2.gif

Round 3

The earthquake hit killing the centaur and damaging the haunted spirit and stone golem. The haunted spirit wen first and attacked and got damaged by the thorns, then my stone golem took his last jab at it.

centauri 3.gif

Round 4 and 5

The earthquake finally killed my stone golem and damaged the haunted spirit. My opponents attacked missed the cocatrice. And at the start of round 5 the earthquake damages the haunted spirit and my cocatrice gave the final blow, giving me the Victory
centauri 4.gif

Spoils of War

I got 3.61 DEC and my rating increased by 22.

Did your strategy work?
My strategy actually worked. I intentionally picked centauri mage because of the hp that she has, which she could be a tank for the pesky monsters that have sneak on them. By pairing her with Mylor, she was able to kill the skeleton assassin. The return fire also did it's job by damaging the monsters with snipe. But I was also wondering why my opponent didn't use any flying monsters when there's an earthquake rule. Maybe I was against a bot. I think I would have had a difficult time if this had no earthquake ruleset.

Do you like the Centauri Mage?
She's actually a nice monster to use but the problem is her cost. I really love the return fire ability because it would damage those monsters with snipe. I also like the fact that her speed is high and her HP is really high. But the only drawback of using her is her damage.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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