Splinterlands Weekly Challenge: Wave Runner


Good day guys!

I decided to join the Share your Battle weekly challenge using the Wave Runner. I actually placed him at a random game, and I think this was my best win using it.

Battle information

The battle mana cap was 40 with the "Noxious Fumes and Heavy hitters rules" rules. I used the water splinter and my opponent used the life splinter.


My Lineup
Summoner: Bortus
Monsters: Furious Chicken, Torhilo the Frozen, Wave Runner, Sand Worm, Gelatinous Cube and Sea Monster.

Opponents Lineup
Summoner: Mother Khala
Monsters: SilverShield Knight, Feral Spirit, Divine Healer, Peace Bringer, Mantoid and Cyclops

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The Battle

Here's the link of the whole battle

Round 1

On this Battle, I put the Furious Chicken in front as bait, so his SilverShield Knight killed it at the start of the battle. His deck had a faster speed than most of my monsters. So his Feral Spirit damaged my sea monster. His peace bringer attacked Torhilo removing 2 of his armor. Then my Wave Runner was able to destroy the armor of SilverShield Knight because of its skill reach. My opponent Mantoid attacked my cube and the cyclops destroyed the armor of Torhilo. My Torhilo Attacked SilverShield Knight making his HP 2 but the Divine Healer Healed it. Then my sea monster healed himself and my sandworm attacked his cyclops at the end.

wave runner 1.gif

Round 2

At the start of round 2, all the monsters were being poisoned due to the ruleset, my opponent's cyclops died because of it. His SilverShield Knight went first and attacked Torhilo and then his feral spirit damaged my sea monster. His peace bringer continued attacking Torhilo bringing his HP to 2. My Wave runner killed his SilverShield Knight, reducing the attack of his melee monsters. My opponent Mantoid attacked my cube. Then my Torhilo killed his Feral Spirit and my sandworm killed the mantoid.

wave runner 2.gif

Round 3

At the start of Round 3, the poison killed my Torhilo and wave runner. His Peacebringer killed my Sandworm so my cube became my tank. Before the round ended, my opponent's Divine Healer healed and my sea monster was healing. This was the round when I realized that I had the wrong placement with my cube and sea monster.

Wave runner 3.gif

Round 4 - 8

At the start of Round 4, his peace bringer Died because of the poison, now it was the battle of the healers. My cube finally died at the start of Round 8 so my sea monster was able to kill his Divine healer. I would have won at an earlier round if my cube and sea monster swapped places.

waver runner 4.gif

Spoils of War

I got 6.345 DEC and my rating increased by 18.

Did your strategy work?
Though I just placed the wave runner randomly on my match, it actually worked. The wave runner was able to do some damage because of its skill reach. When I saw the ruleset Noxious, I was looking for a monster with heal, that's why I decided to use the water splinter because of the sea monster. I also placed a Gelatinous cube because I knew that there were going to be a lot of monsters dying from the poison. I placed the sandworm for extra damage, or to kill something on the first round. The only mistake that I did was the placement of the Cube and the Sea Monster.

Do you like the Wave Runner?
After doing this challenge, I've been using the wave runner in my different games now. What I love about it, is its melee and speed, though the problem is its HP. But the skill reach plays a really big role whenever I use this. I actually like the wave runner.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe always!

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