So today I hit my 30th day of playing Splinterlands and I am super excited at what this game has to offer and what it will offer in the future. I still consider myself a relatively new player compared to the 2-3 year veterans here.

I currently live in Texas and I am a healthcare provider for my mom who got really sick during the pandemic, my grandma passed away along with my cousin a little over a year ago so I ended up being stuck at home so I took the provider position and then was thinking if there is any possible way I can make some money online doing surveys or playing a game I'll go for it. So I began researching NFT's and what cryptocurrency was and I ended up stumbling upon this game called Splinterlands, the rest is history.

When I began the game I only invested $10 for the spell book and about little less than $15 in cards and yesterday I converted 10,000 DEC i made from battles and flipping cards into 200 SPS so that was a huge help and boost for the voucher event that will soon take place, I mean 200sps is better than the 15 I had farmed in 27 days :D

#spt #splinterlands

In game name is @shaddrak