Using Rising Star, Golem Overlord, and Splinterforge to make my goals happen!


I've been on Hive for almost 2 years now and it seems as if it's taken me forever to do the simple task of learning how to compound my returns.

My Goal: Over the span of one month to increase 3 primary areas. For now during the month of May.

1st - SPS staking
2nd - Fans in Rising Star
3rd - Fix it Cards in Rising Star

Q: What are Fix It Cards?

A: Glad you asked! Jux the creator of Rising Star is currently in the process of creating a New Map zone that will be exclusive to NFT's minted by using Fix IT Cards. Each PRO NFT is unique and requires the combination of 49 prior NFT's that will be burned and then blended into the new PRO NFT card. There is only a 1 month duration allowed for the blending of these new PRO NFT cards and the clock has already begun ticking.

This basically means only so many will be made within that 1 month time frame and whoever does not have it by then will need to buy it on the marketplace if any copies are left and available. Not much more information has been given about this New Map Zone but these are coming out in advance so it's time to gather them all while we can.

The following is a table I created in Excel to show my goals. It will list each of the 1-3 goals listed above each taking a day and then cycling back around for the span of the current month. Feel free to click on any image to zoom in.



The bottom calendar is what I currently created to use when posting the updates on my progress. The top chart will show you the day on which I am going to try and hit my goal and the bottom calendar is going to be filled up, at least after the 20th, with all the success I had towards reaching that goal. I put an example for the 20th of what I plan to achieve and will follow suite every day.


The following is an example of how I plan to cycle through these three different goals.


Remember the goals will change over time and can be focused upon anything. I would like to keep the SPS staking and the Fan growth for sure. It's the 3rd "fix it" option that can be changed once enough are acquired over time.

Now you may be wondering how Golem Overlord and Splinterforge make their way into this post. Well it's very simple. In regards to Golem Overlord I am setting a 10-15% selling of PART from each claim made daily. For Splinterforge I am staying in the top 40 rank giving me an average of 10,000-14,000 Forgium every 2-3 day claim depending on boss.

What I do is daily take the PART and Forgium sells from battles to put into the daily goal I am trying achieve. For example PART is very cheap right now at .2 swap.hive and in a days worth I can have about 9 Part I'm able to sell which is around 1.8 swap.hive. Splinterforge rewards me with daily battle income from the boss which can average to about 1100 Forgium or .58 swap.hive. Then every 2-3 days I will gain on average 11,000 forgium which is 5.8 swap.hive.

All of this gets daily compounded into my daily goal and the numbers will differ from day to day. Sometimes being lower sometimes way higher.

Now back to Rising Star. This is the very 1st PRO card that will be needed for the new map zone.


As of this post you will have about 5 days to get your hands on that NFT by blending before it's sent off to the marketplace where only those who have blended extras will have them up for sell. That is if any are left so you can participate in the New Map zone.

To see a list of the NFT's needed to blend simply log into Rising Star and up top on left click on Cards then Blends then scroll down.


If you are new to the game please feel free to use my referral link.

There is a heavier emphasis on Rising Star because it won the Leo vote for the most possible potential in 2023 out of all Hive games.

Not only due to that but also because the majority of my crypto income is coming from making on average about 15-16 swap.hive per day by simply running missions and earnign starbits then selling them on Rising Star.


I will compare what I expected to earn from the 20th - 31st of May with what I actually made.

I am currently at this much staked SPS as of 5/20/23


only have 3 Fix It Cards on me


and 2,015,419 Rising Star Fans


Lastly I just wanted to say it's also not impossible to play other games and have them sustain you with crypto too! The following is a screen shot of my Hero Ranking and the boss still has about 50% of life on it so the numbers will be way higher. This is what I use to compound not only for my daily goal but also to keep my rentals 100% free within Splinterforge.


I built my Hero 100% free by using Rising Star profits to transfer over. Now I have a model sustaining me with income for being almost guaranteed top 40 each time I fight the boss.


I already have the calendar for the month of June created.