A Stony Face Off! Green Team Strategies and the Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge (Stone Golem)

Hey guys! It's Shadow346 again- Guildmaster of Illusions of the Grave on Splinterlands. Welcome to this week's Splinterland Battle Challenge using the Stone Golem. This blog post is also a mini tutorial on what I found to be the best green team strategies. I used to HATE green teams but then I discovered how to actually use the characters. Now I use green teams constantly!

Battle Lineup

Watch the Battle Here

PC: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_27ffcbe514177e2699c0af975957fee3&ref=shadow346 Watch the Battle on Mobile: https://m.splinterlands.io/#/battle/game/process/sl_27ffcbe514177e2699c0af975957fee3

Formation and Green Team Strategy Tips

For a green team, I HIGHLY recommend the Unicorn Mustang for the front due to the high health and magic resistance. People like to throw out a ton of magic users when they see a green team because of MYLOR. Mylor is a must have summoner for any green team if you don’t have him.

Let me explain! Mylor gives the thorns ability which injures melee users who damage your characters. Imagine that you have a character with only one attack- like stone golem. It’s your turn and stone golem hits for one damage. When the enemy attacks him in return, they will be damaged again. So all-in-all, your character now does two damage per round (assuming that it stays alive). You need amazing defense to make the strategy work because it requires getting hit. That’s why thorns is great to pair with high health characters, healers, and/or shields.

People use full teams of nothing but range and magic users to take away the extra damage advantage that thorns gives you. So we prepare for the magic users using the Unicorn Mustang and hurt the melee users using Mylor. It’s a nice all-around strategy. You can also use shields to limit the range characters as well if you have enough mana!

After the Unicorn Mustang, I have the Wood Nymph- my healer. If I were to change anything, I would have placed her in the third position to keep her alive longer. You can definitely see how the Wood Nymph kept the Unicorn Mustang from dying early on due to all of those magic blasts. I have the Khmer princess in third. I chose her as an extra magic user to help bypass any possible shields. Then we have the stone golem taking up residence in the very back.

Thoughts on Stone Golem

Stone Golem’s decent health and resistance to melee attacks makes him great for warding off any possible sneak attack characters if he is placed in the back. He also makes a great front in extremely low mana battles. Keep in mind that magic teams absolutely obliterate him though- so I wouldn’t recommend using him during high mana battles. With just one damage, he just doesn't have the attack to strike back hard before getting taken out. You have to rely on the rest of your team to do the heavy hitting and possess some 2+ damage characters when you use him as a front.

Side Notes

Thank you for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial. Our guild is also recruiting new members. The only requirement is that you contribute 200 DEC per season to join (due at the end of the season). Our guild members are super helpful and I post tutorials whenever guild mates have questions. Feel free to comment below to let me know that you are interested and send a guild request if you would like to join!

Newbies are also welcome to use my referral code to join the game: https://splinterlands.com?ref=shadow346